New York Marathon 2014

Anyone from here going to be in NYC for the marathon this year?


  • Super MooSuper Moo ✭✭✭

    I am seriously considering this. 

    Seeing how the next few weeks of training go then I'll commit.

    Not sure I can justify the cost though...

  • Pete HoltPete Holt ✭✭✭

    i'm in next year.  have loads of family over there so only have to sort my flight  and entry fee image

  • TBO2TBO2 ✭✭✭

    Hi im running New York this year-is anyone else doing it?


  • Yea I'm running NY this year. So looking forward to it. image

  • I'm signed up now.


  • I'm doing it. Not too long now ... as you can tell from the newly autumnal feel to training runs. 

  • Hey, I'm doing it.... training has been - interestingimage Last one was 5 yrs ago, hopefully my legs will remember what to do! 

  • PS anyone planning on going to the dinner thing the night before image


  • TBO2TBO2 ✭✭✭

    Im doing it too!!

  • It's a race I would love to do in the future,how do you go about getting signed up.I know of the sports companies that do it,but they are quite expensive
  • Well 4 weeks to go did my longest run the previous weekend of 21.5 miles and only managed 13 miles yesterday with a 12 mile hill walk today. Fed up of running on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal I must know every bridge and turn by now.   

  • Just back from Cardiff HM. Great day out. Hoping the pins recover via a short reverse taper this week for one last LR in a week...!
  • Does anyone have an insight or any tips on meeting up with family straight after the race.  It looks like we exit Central Park on West 81st or 85th Street, but is that an area that has a few bars or is it office/residential?  A handy Irish bar would be ideal for post-race hydration!

  • I'm running New York and getting really excited now. Training is going well, did my last long run at the weekend. I'm going to the pasta party the night before as well Suze. When are you peepls flying in? I'm leaving Thursday morning and coming back Tuesday morning.

  • Got my start time today - 9:40 so better get to the ferry by some mad hour. After three ballot rejections and one hurricane postponement I still can't believe it will happen. I could really fancy one of those man vs food challenges straight after. Anybody meeting up before or after ? I'm there Tuesday to Tuesday.
  • TBO2TBO2 ✭✭✭
    Hi i didnt sign up for pasta party as i didnt know anyone going! Then t saw this forum! Prob too late now but im there from wed and planning to go to expo thurs or fri so let me know if any of you are around.
  • I am in. Leave Manchester Thursday morning. not bought tickets for the pasta party or the gala dinner thingy on Sunday night.

    A tip on where to meet my wife afterwards would be great?

    as would any tips on the course, I am planning on trying to follow the 3:45 pacer, have heard its a slow course compared with London.

  • One more sleep then i'm on the plane. 

    Good luck everyone.

    I'm traveling with 2:09 events so may bump into you guys if you are traveling with them as well.

    All the best,


  • Pete, a good place to meet people after the race is around the Museum of Natural History (around 80-85th St) on the west side of Central Park. Dont underestimate the amount of walking you'll have to do after the finish line, just to get your belongings back!

    With regards to the course, its hilly in places. The bridges (specifically Verrazano and Queenboro) are horrible. 5th Ave & Central Park are undulating, so try to keep something in the tank for the last 3-4 miles. And finally, enjoy the descent from the Queensboro Bridge (where there are no crowds) down onto 1st Avenue (where they are 3-4 deep!). The noise on that stretch is incredible!

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