Channel Islands mobile data question

I'm doing the Guernsey Marathon in August.

Battery life on my FR10 seems to be topping out at around 5 hours, but declining slowly all the time. As 5 hours is roughly where I am in terms of marathon time, I've upgraded to the FR620 (thanks to the Sportsshoes code posted elsewhere!).

Question on mobile data for Guernsey, as I like the idea of activating live tracking so my wife can keep an eye on my progress. I see that data is treated as Europe as far as O2 is concerned.

Question is, assuming I close every other application and have the bare minimum sending and receiving data, what sort of usage will I rack up during a 5 hour marathon where the tracking feature is active?


  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    Not that much image test it at home... If you look on the iphone reset the data usage,  Then do a live track for 5 hours just wandering around home etc... then look again at data usage and it should say how much the app has used in the 5 hours.  Then you'll know... Do this of course with wireless turned off so it doesn't pick up any stray wifi.



  • O2 do a data charge by the day, where you just pay £1.99 for a whole day of date irrespective of how much you use.

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