Mizumo wave inspire 10

Anyone else had a problem with the new wave inspires, my default shoe of choice for years but the latest version split behind the toe cap after only a few months, happened on two pairs now  in six months 


  • Haven't had that happen with mine yet, but it doesn't surprise me. They are very lightweight and rather thin on the uppers.

  • Two paIRS in four months , retailer has been fantastic but it seems worrying 

  • Yep, various splits appearing. The one fault of a great trainer. 

  • First pair bought in Feb and after relatively low mileage due to an injury (200km) before the uppers split just behind the toe cap. I had these replaced by Start Fitness but due to timings I had to buy another pair (from Sweatshop) to have some shoes to run in on holiday.

    I'd only done 120km in those ones when the same thing occurred. Sweatshop refunded me rather than replacing them as they said it was a 'recurring issue'. 

    I'm now in the replacements for the first pair and have ordered a pair of Wave Paradox with the refund credit from Sweatshop.

    It's a real shame as I love the Inspires. I've been through a few pairs of 8's, and 9's and had no problems with the uppers at all. I'll see how the Paradox perform although I'm concerned it is a heavier shoe. Hopefully they will sort things out with the Inspire 11's.

  • I use the Inspire 10 and haven't had a problem with the uppers so far, though I've only done about 50 miles in them. 

    The one ongoing problem I seem to have with them is the sole of the right shoe seeming to rub under my 1st and 2nd metatarsal heads. Uncomfortable enough that I've started thinking about returning them to the manufacturer.

    No problems with the left shoe. Bizarre. 

  • The problem with the uppers seems to happen suddenly. After the first pair went I was vigilant with the next ones checking them after each run. The left one went first, the right one on the next run.

    On my feet at least the flex point seems to fall exactly across the back of the toe box where it joins onto the upper. I assume this is causing a stress point in the material which eventually becomes the hole. 

  • Probably an issue with the material being overstressed by the movement in the flexion point, as you describe. Will keep my eye on mine as I keep using them & will let you know if it happens. 

  • Yep - same happened to me , 2 pairs in 6 months image

  • Me too! On my second pair - Runners Need changed the first pair - happening quicker with the new ones. Thought it may have been just me. Any suggestions for same type of shoe but more robust / better wearing?

  • I have used Inspires for years but really not happy with the latest shoe. I have bunions so always look for some support on the upper part of the shoe but this latest incarnation seems mostly to be just mesh which is fine on the weight count but for me does not hold my foot as snug as I would like, hence a nice hole on the side in under two months. i have just got some NB 860's which seem more stable if a bit heavier, hopefully Mizuno will return to function over form in the next model..

  • The next incarnate of the Inspire looks very good and a definite return to previous models.  

  • Just found this. You can't navigate to it on the site but the direct link works.


    I'm not really feeling the love for the Wave Paradox, too much support for me and the extra weight is noticeable. I've returned to my remaining pair of Inspire 10's and will use these until they drop to bits (shouldn't be longimage ). 


  • My Inspire 10s are still in good nick and I'm still feeling the love - no holes or tears. I must have drawn the lucky pair. 

    Paradox look like a very different kind of shoe to me. I'd resort to duct tape until the next version comes along....

  • They've not split, but I'm having a related problem: the upper is "folding" as the foot flexes, resulting in rubbing and blistering on my second toe. It was doing it on both feet, but I've experimented with different lacing patterns (missing out one of the bottom lace holes) and that has helped a bit. Still having to tape up one toe though.
  • I wonder if it is a sizing issue, perhaps the shoe fits slightly too big on some of you? Whilst being long enough that they don't rub the tops of my toes or put pressure on my nails, they are otherwise quite snug, and there is no puckering or folding.

    I'm just mentioning this because I think Mizuno shoes fit half a size bigger than other brands and this can lead to people wearing a slightly bigger shoe than they might otherwise.

    Or perhaps it's just the luck of the draw. Still, they're great shoes and if there is a systemic problem I hope they fix it in their next version. 

  • Mercedes, for me the size was pretty much spot on with my Inspire 9's, maybe a tiny bit tighter in the toe box but nothing that caused an issue. Going up half a size would have given me clown foot syndrome.

    The Paradox aren't vastly different in purpose but are noticeably heavier. They remind me of the Brooks Beast I had a long while ago, lots of support and cushioning. 

    Role on the 11's and fingers crossed they are a bit more robust.

  • Roll on indeed! I hope they will work for you image 

  • Well the last pair of Inspire 10's suffered the same fate as the previous ones after just over 100 miles. A tiny hole appeared in the same spot, another two runs and I could easily get my fat finger through it. 

    I've bought and pair of Inspire 11's via Millet Sports on Amazon and had them delivered NYE. Looking forward to a run in them tomorrow (too tired today). I've been wearing them round the house to get the feel for them and I'm happy to report that the uppers are very much like the Inspire 9's, which is no bad thing IMO. They are much lighter than the Paradox's too (still can't get away with these). I'll report back after I get a few miles on them.



  • Ok, I have had a few runs in the Inspire 11's now and I'm glad to report that everything is positive. 

    The main differences seem to be that while the toe box feels more fitted than the 10's there is less pinching at the bottom of the laces. They seem to flex more naturally across the toe box too. I've compare the uppers with some old Inspire 9's I still have (resigned to kick-about use) and the front's are very similar, while the heels are more like the 10's.

    Another positive for me is that the tongue is a bit longer, this has led me to conclude that part of the issue the flex point of the 10's could have been from trying to pull the tongue up.

    Initial impressions are that they are very comfortable, of similar weight and big improvement over the 10's (for me at least).

  • They don't exactly seem theyre built to last. For weeks I had numb spot in the top left of the big toe on my right foot. Turns out there was a big dent in the insole of my trainer and my toe was digging into it! Ive never had that happen in any trainers or shoes I've hard in my lifetime and that was after only 6 months with less than 20 miles run each week.

    i do really like them though - so light considering they are support trainers, so I am now on my second pair since there is no point changing something that suits me. I'd be interested to see how hard wearing the 11s are.

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