Miracle cure for all

To all athletes who have injuries I offer quick and inexplicable help.
Go to www.bowen-technique.co.uk and find your nearest therapist.
I had several aches and pains including sciatica and they have all been cured. All that happens is that the therapist moves her fingers over certain parts of your body and removes the toxins that cause the pain. I know it sounds ridiculous but I can assure you it works and works well. To give you an idea of how good it is, my wife has osteoporosis and had severe pain just laying in bed, but after just four treatments has been completely cured and an old 75yo friend who had dreadful back ache and just shuffled around and took 1/2 hour to walk 200 yards can now walk properly after just one treatment and is *living* again.
Give it a try, you wont be disappointed.
I am just a *very* satisfied patient and want to spread the word to other runners. It is pathetically simple but really has worked on all three of us. Good luck and please let me know if it has cured you as well.


  • And remember the investor's mantra - "If it sounds too good to be true, it is".
  • Thought id find you here vrap
  • This sounds like your kind of medicine, Benz - are your patients benefiting from it on the NHS yet?
  • Im not telling
  • I've very into alternatives - homeopathy, reflexology, acupuncture, aromatherapy - had good experiences with them all. However, Bowen never did a thing for me.
  • Sounds a bit like faith healing - Mind you I've seen that too - trouble is it doesn't seem to last very long, which seems to indicate some sort of auto-suggestion. At University I kew a bloke who had laying on of hands when he had the "flu". To prove that he was healed he went on a long walk on a bitterly cold day - ended up in Hospital with Pleaurosy (have I spelt that right ??) - nearly killed him too....

    Having said that I was having trouble sleeping a few years ago and rather than give me pills my GP gave me a self hypnosis routine to try - worked a treat. Mind you I found out later on that half a bottle of red wine did too !!
  • Self-hypnosis worked a treat for me when I had difficulty sleeping during late pregnancy. Mine was a very conventional-medicine sort of self-hypnosis, predictably, and involved visualising an intravenous injection of Temazepam going into my arm and spreading from there. If Temazzies really make you feel that good, no wonder people get addicted.
  • If they don't rub me, prod me, electrocute me, stretch me or stick something in me then I’m very sceptical

    [massage, deep tissue massage, electro therapy, chiro and acupuncture]

  • I think the willingness of people to believe that their bodies are full of "toxins" highlights a big national self-esteem problem, or a reversion to the Augustinian philosophy that "women's boddies are fylled with excrements" or however the revered Saint spelt it.

    A healthy body which receives a basic minimum level of care - enough food, enough sleep, a decent amount of exercise and not too much poison - will deal very nicely with whatever chemicals it generates in its metabolic processes.
  • I use self-hypnosis to get to sleep most evenings.. I used to be one of those people that would think through everything once I got to bed and it would sometimes take me a long time to get to bed... now... I simply slow down my breathing, count from 10 down to 1 very slowly while imagining myself sailing on my parents boat in Loch Lomond and by the time I reach 1 I'm sparko!!!

    It's a brilliant technique!!!
  • Please yourselves, I was only trying to help and give you all a very quick and perfect solution to cure *most* of you. OK, it will not cure everybody, but I can garuantee that it cures far more aches and pains than doctors, acupuncture, osteopaths,physiotherapists and chiropractors can. I know, I have spent a fortune on them all and found them all useless, but am over the moon with Bowtech, it really works and neither my wife, friend or myself have any pain after suffering for up to thirty years. If that is not proof enough ... what is?
    It is not faith healing, the therapist pushes down on certain pressure points and draws her fingers over the muscle with a little pressure.
    Don't knock it if you haven't tried it, you will be amazed with the results as much as I was. I am only trying to help you all out with injuries that stop you from running but if you want to hobble along, it's OK with me, I will just pass you in the next race we meet at with a smile on my face.
  • Yeah thats probablly down to the big bank balance.
    As they say a fool and their money....
  • Come on thats a bit OTT
  • Oh no Ive only just started contributing and I've upset someone (we'll a hippo anyway) already.......sorry
  • Wecare heavy and i could tread on your feet
    try the the unofficial site, might find to your liking

    fancy a gin?
    And hoippos are people too SOB
  • BBB, you are a wise runner indeed. An unsolicited post advising people to take up any form of consumer lifestyle product masquerading as medicine suggests to me that the person posting has a financial interest in the product.

    Hippos may be people, but practitioners of fringe alternative "therapies" (and the alleged testimony of three alleged bona fide users is not proof) are somewhere down the evolutionary scale along with the people who approach you in the street and ask if you've had and slips, trips, or falls that weren't your fault.

    Wheeee! I can see the flames flying from here! But if I thought there were forumites gullible enough to take this crap seriously, I'd have pressed the "report this thread to the moderator" button.

  • I have only just realised that the red button is there to press!!
    I thought it meant ALL our threads were dodgy?
    Visit the dark side BBB, its called the unofficial forunm on threads
  • Hope I haven't started an argument, however from your piccies I would put my money on the dinosaur!
  • I have been sceptical of everything since being forced to go to sunday school as a kid!
    Plus being involved in health research I dont believe in anything unless there is a published randomised controlled trial. somehow don't think there will be.
  • Nah, me and vrap have had this discussion before!
    Youre right that she would win though
    I was giong to say that im not as unfit as I look from my piccie, but having met vrap last sunday at the GNR, Ive got a long way to go.
    I have a fairly flexible viewpoint on the above matters, and thats as far as Ill go
    Gin, of course ,is very therapeutic
  • I was only trying to give you some good advice but I suppose that beer bellies and hippos don't need it.
    No, I make no financial game from this, I was just a patient, a totally *cured* patient.

    Hobble on and moan about your aches and pains and see if I care.
  • Benz, if you keep an open mind your brain will fall out.
  • it has already i think
    Nite nite
  • Dont know about gin helping but I just resorted to vodka with dandelion and burdock as its the only thing in the cupboard...NOT BAD
    Thanx for the tip ickle hippo I'll check out the dark side...but will probablly stick to the light side (Luke Skywalker was allways my hero)!
  • Eurgh!
    you are desperate!
    Roll on all night offies!
  • Night night all.

    Hope this minger of a thread has fallen off the edge of the front page by tomorrow. I hate it when people try to provoke me into academic thuggery. Glad I managed to resist this time.

    I shan't need to use auto-hypnosis tonight.
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