Hip Flexor pain (I think)


I'm very new to running (a recent graduate of C25K) and am running 5k about three times a week.

Over the last few runs I have developed a pain high up at the front of my right thigh that I believe to be the hip flexor.  The pain comes on at around 2-3k and gradually worsens but never to the extent that I feel I should stop running, I do however suffer a bit for it the following day.  

At rest it is barely noticeable but I can "anger" it by sitting upright and lifting my foot off the ground on the affected side.

Firstly, does this sound like a hip flexor problem?

Secondly, whatever it is, what can I do about it?  I have tried taking extra rest days but it just comes back every time I run again.

It's taken me 35 years to realise it but I really enjoy running and I don't want to have to stop.



  • Sounds like it could be hip flexor.  I had problems earlier this year.  Try reducing mileage a bit and icing for 10-15mins 2-3 times per day.

    Stretch like this.  keep your pelvis upright and avoid arching your back.


  • Tight and painful hip flexors are almost always a result of sitting for prolonged periods (which is basically most jobs). You can stretch them out ad nauseum but the root of the problem is likely to be glute amnesia (aka glutes are weak and don't fire properly, causing other muscles to take up the slack). Try MobilityWOD (Google it) for some hip mobilisation exercises but also do a lot of clams, glute bridges, kickbacks etc and do them religiously.

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