any ideas re wrist band to hold garminfr10 watch as strap broken/fallen off

I have a Garmin FR 10 and the strap recently fell off.  This looks to be a design error as it seems to be glued on, there is a pin through it but as the rubber strap is soft this does not hold.

I was hoping to find something like the armband you carry an iphone in but a bit smaller and which goes on the wrist, with a clear pouch and I would then put the watch inside this removing the need for a strap!

Has anyone had a similar problem and found a solution?





  • Just take it to a watch repairer and get a new strap put on it. Might not be exact strap but they will have something to sort it.


    you can buy a new strap on Amazon if you wanted to replace yours

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    Or contact garmin customer services, and say excuse me the strap fell off, can you replace it please!

  • Exactly the same thing happened to my Garmin. The pin held but the rubber split. I ordered a new strap from ebay, came next day, jobs a goodun! Really poor quality from Garmin though.

  • Send it back to garmin I've had 2 straps replace for free. Some might question the technology, but brilliant customer service.
  • Thanks, I have seen the replacement strap on Amazon but my concern is that the rubber strap is very soft so not sure if the replacement would be secure? It looks like the original strap was also glued to the watch as well as having the pin to hold it.  

    Could be wrong though?

    Will also try Garmin customer services 

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