cotswold 226 August 10th

Any shipmates on board for this event or will I have to do splice the mainbrace unaided?



  • for those not familiar '' splice the mainbrace'' was a hit dance in the 60's , hence do splice the mainbrace, either that or a typoimage

  • MandMsMandMs ✭✭✭

    I shall be on the start line with you.

  • fantastic, just the one of you? will you be camping, am sure we can sail this ship between usimage

  • Looking forward to hearing about it - it is on my list for 2015.

  • as you know it's being touted as very fast, because of being very flat, whilst that is all relative, I can compare it to my experience at outlaw and hopefully that will be positive for allimage

  • MandMsMandMs ✭✭✭

    I live very close but will camp on Saturday night and wife and family will be around on Sunday.  

  • would come and support but doing a little event that weekend..image


  • We will be marshalling so will likely camp image 


  • great , I will be doing a 3 night camping chill out ,,look forward to meeting those of you I 've not met before. what are you doing Seren? I see marshalling sounds great from the email i recieved!

  • seen the start list, I am 146 , natrually, everything else I voted for like 2 bags, curry and an australian exit has been vetoed!image . At least I got my number!


  • naturally!

  • I live local so hoping to come up and support after 11am. Will try to catch up with the other pirates on the day as would be good to meet up.

  • citizen 146 wrote (see)

    great , I will be doing a 3 night camping chill out ,,look forward to meeting those of you I 've not met before. what are you doing Seren? I see marshalling sounds great from the email i recieved!


    I am attempting 5 ironman distances in 5 days.....up in woodhall spa starting on the 9th.the others are going for 10 but I'm not mad...image

  • imageSeren that's great, you probably are mad buy only in a conventional sense , embrace the weird, good luck image

    uncharted a pint or two it isimage

  • I'm camping Saturday as a volunteer then on the bike feed station for race. Will be in pirate kit to give you a Aaaggghhhh and extra bottles as required

  • extra bottles sounds great , see you on Saturday

  • I like the sound of this for my 1st iron and now realise not hearing about it before was because it is new!! Will be rooting for you all in the hope you can enlighten us after about how it went.


  • I read something recently that said they are marketing it as a first iron distance friendly event, so with two Outlaws under my belt at just short of 15 hours the numbers should be interesting. It is certainly going to be a bit weird with a much smaller field than I am used to , have not suffered before with being  at the back of a much bigger field so am expecting more of the same ,just me and that ever present wheezing noise.....

  • The HIM events run by 113 have had really good reviews. I think there will be a few of us Piratey types around also. Camlo, why not come and Marshall or just have a gander. Pop down with your bike and get an idea of the course too! It's a beautiful area image

  • MrsD - do you know where you will be marshalling?  I am on the bike feed at Sherston (opposite a pub and next door to the cake shop) image

    Camlo - you're more than welcome to join us on the feed station for a while, if only just to get an idea of the event

    Citizen146 - I am sure you will be fine.  And yes, the event is marketed as newbie-friendly.  It is a fast flat course and should be great fun, especially as the finish line is right outside a pub image





  • No, not yet bird! We wait in anticipation image

  • the pub might be my undoing, the shuttle bus back to the start will end whilst I am just getting into my second beerimage, which means a 2 mile walk to the tent, or a taxiimage,  must bring beer money, must bring beer money...........................

  • Have just volunteered to help out, have asked for bike course rather than run. Mrs D where are you camping? Have 113 arranged it or have you sorted it yourself?

    Good luck citizen, what will you be wearing/number so we can give you a big pirate cheer!!!!

  • Rocco - ask Graeme if you can be on my feed station at Sherston.  There should be a gang of us there and should be a good craic image

  • Quota filled for that bike station but he is going to try and get us close to it, so we shall see where we are

  • Never mind, I can always swap you and Red Stripe around if she gets too gobby image

  • MandMsMandMs ✭✭✭

    IF she gets gobby? ????

  • I was trying to be polite!

  • gobby ??g??bi/ adjective BRITISHinformal   (of a person) tending to talk too loudly and in a blunt or opinionated way. "a gobby Glaswegian"
  • looks like it's going to be a great day, if not great weatherimage.

    Rocco, I will be wearing 146!  oh and in full pirate regalia minus the parrot.....

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