Pain in calf

Any advice would be much appreciated on this!

Last weekend I did a 15km run and part way round my right leg felt sore, didn't think anything of it and managed to complete the run. Felt OK the next day so went for a slow run (2.5km) but found the pain returned. Since then I haven't ran, and looking online thought it could be shin splints so have been icing it several times a day.

The pain is only in my right leg, on the inside, approx half way up the leg. There's no pain generally whilst walking on it, although I did notice after being on it for several hours there was a slight niggle in the spot. It's only tender when I really push 1 particular point and this seems to be getting better as the week has gone on. There is a slight bit of swelling which I've only noticed now, you can only see it if you look very closely whilst comparing the same area to the other leg. I did about 10 mins on the turbotrainer this evening and had no pain.

I'm thinking it might be shin splints but any ideas would be great! I've been running 4 x a week, slowly increasing the distance - generally 1 x 2.5km run, 2 x 5-7km runs and 1 x longer distance which increases by 1/1.5km each week, I started at 8km. I'm currently training for the GNR, which I also ran last year and had no problems. I'm thinking that perhaps I upped the distance I was running over a week too quickly as whilst at uni I was only running 12-15km a week? And this has caused the injury, although I'm not sure what I've done exactly.


  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭

    Sounds like a minor calf strain/tear (that is where my injury is although I couldn't complete my run when it happened).

    Ice the swelling and take a couple of weeks off running. My physio has advised me to doDo heel drops (eccentric training, on the edge of a step) and work on activating my glutes as they are apparently rather lazy which means other muscles, including my calves, take up the slack.

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