Training plan - looks great? recipe for injury? opinions please!

Monday - AM 4 miles easy PM - 10 miles hard

Tuesday - AM 4 miles easy PM - Long interval session 

Wednesday - AM 6 miles easy

Thursday - AM 4 easy PM - short, fast intervals 

Friday - Recovery day. Strength work

Saturday - 8 miles with 5k threshold (park run)

Sunday - Long slow run or race


Ive been running a few years and am up to between 50-60mpw. Im trying to break 18:30 for 5k, 39 mins for 10k, and 1:25 for a half- do you think this training plan can get me there? 


Thanks! image


  • NayanNayan ✭✭✭

    Very little recovery. , three consecutive hard effort days per week.

    Ic give you about four weeks before youre either injured or too tired to do the hard sessions Hard enough.

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    I'm voting for 'recipe for injury'. What are your PBs for those distances now, and presumably you're not targetting them all at once?

  • Thanks for the honesty, I should add I'm very used to running twice a day, I'm thinking of switching the 10 miler on the monday to the tuesday evening and just doing one interval session a week. Ive found that 10 miles at a fast pace has made me feel so much stronger so do not want to drop it! my issue is that its not all up to me as I run with a group.

    Current PBs


    10k-39:01 image


    im aiming for the 5k and 10k during the summer an early autumn, the half late autumn

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    Are those all recent? If so looks like you're nearly there anyway.

    I run similar times to you but I don't think I could do your plan above without getting injured. This summer I've been getting good results off similar mileage but only running once a day and with only two hard sessions per week.

    How long is your long run?

  • the 5k and 10k are both recent, last month. the half was last year.

    The long run varies. the max I've ran is 22 miles. but most weeks its 12 miles very very slow! I don't really consider it a hard day.

    I have put the 10 miles next to a interval session because I've heard you can do 2 hard sessions in a row as long as they challenge different energy systems. 

    literatin, what type of hard sessions do you do to achieve your times??

  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭

    My pbs are also fairly similar (18.26, 38.30 and 1.23) but my training is very different, probably because I focus on marathons rather than 5k/10k: I do slightly higher mileage (60-70 pw) but I only run 6 times a week and I probably only do a quality session about every 5 days.  It will either be an interval session with my club or a short race (3k-10k) as a tempo run.  

    Your volume of quality work would cripple me: you are trying to do 4 quality sessions a week (hard 10, 2 sets of intervals and the 5k) which is a lot.

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    My sessions vary - I'm focusing on 5k at the moment and my coach has been giving me 800s at 10k or 5k pace, 400s at 5k & 3k pace, or 200s a bit faster. Or sometimes longer tempo reps at slower paces. Everything else is easy.

    Oh, and I would be interested to know what you've been doing up to now to get to the level you're at? Was it similar or different to what you propose above?

  • okay, I think we've established my schedules a bad idea lol! But yes I have trained up to now in a similar way. My week would pretty much be the same minus either a long tempo or a interval session. So before I would do 3 quality sessions and a long run. the rest being easy runs. I wanted to try to fit it all in so I could train with others without dropping the workouts that benefit myself. there is not enough days in the week!

    I have become aware lately that although I love racing and the excitement of competing, I've got to the start line feeling rather flat...

    Your sessions do sound well thought about literatin, have you felt a benefit from them so far?


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