New to running

Hi all,

I am relatively new to running, I did compete seriously on the track at short distances but have only recently taken up road/longer distance running. 

I started running a few months back after deciding to run 35 miles charity. Training went okay and I completed the charity run even though I had to walk the last few miles. I had no pain during training or the run.

I left it a week until I ran again and I felt fine on my first few runs after, but my last few runs I have been feeling knee pain/weakness even within the first mile. I feel this in my right knee. 

Could this be because I haven't recovered properly? Or because I haven't got new shoes in years? Any advice would be appreciated.




  • It is most likely to be the shoes - most are only expected to last about 500 miles.

  • Wow, 35 miles is pretty full on Michael.  At that distance, without an endurance background- it might simply be lack of conditioning.  I mean, even if you could knock out a 20 and be fine with it, that extra 15 is HUUUUUGE.

    I'm also impressed you could go so long on shoes that are that old!  I would certainly treat myself to some new shoes in your situation mate.  Go on, you've earned it image

  • It was the hardest thing I've ever done, I managed up to about 27 and walked the rest. We did take food and drink breaks and it did take 9 hours! Still, it feels like a great achievement. I was joined by an Ultra runner at one point which helped keep me motivated. It has only inspired me to get training and running again. 

    Sounds like I'll be shopping for a new pair of shoes tomorrow then! image Thanks for the advice. 

  • Go to the sweatshop, they do gait analysis and find the right shoes for your step.. Don't just buy off the shelf... You need to get fitted for that kind of mileage! Well done on your 35 miles image
  • tricialitttricialitt ✭✭✭

    IT will take you more than a week to recover properly from your 35miler- take it very easy- even after a marathon, you need about a week off, and this is a significant extra bit, and recovery will take longer for a first timer.

    WHen you get your lovely new shoes, go very gently for a  couple of weeks.

    IF you need to do something in the meanwhile tr yswimming/ pool running, or some gym work.

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