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I used to be very fit before...I used to be able to run a half marathon in a pace 8 minutes per mile, and a 10km in 48 minutes.....I took a month break from running after my half marathon, (which was last year march)....since then I am struggling to get back into the same im sure running half a minute per mile slower...or even a minute per mile slower.....I have tried to run regularly since january, and I am still not getting fitter....I am about the same weight as I was last year...and I am sure I am eating the same amoutn......I am not sure what factors may be affecting me....I am 28 years old now....I am not sure if age could be possibly affecting me? or what other factors....does any one have any advice....I do not think I will be the same as before and I do not feel as fit before!


  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    if 28 was the age decline set in, I think most of this forum would have to go home!

    Everything is relative in running, so when you say you're running "regularly", is that once a week? Once a day? Twice a day? How far, how long, how fast?

    And what were you doing for the pbs?



  • Hey...I am running 3-4 times a week...which was the same as last year....and i usually just do steady/almost race pace running.....i usually run for 5 to 6 miles...but now i just starting stopping a lot

  • Hi I'm no training guru but if every run is done at your race pace perhaps you're just tired. Try running some easy miles as well as your faster stuff.
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    And therein is your problem. Doing all the runs at race pace or close inevitably leads to plateau or slowdown.

    Slow it all down, run 4 times a week, every week, gently increase the distance for a couple of runs a week slowly,  for a month or 2, then re-introduce speed once a week.

    Just those changes will see you feeling fresher and able to beat your pbs at a canter.

  • I have tried some speed work...I usually find them really tempo runs just as affective.....I get worried...if i did run just slow runs....i would not be able to run race pace when it is the race

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    Well you're not able to run last year's race pace anyway at the moment!

    You start with slow runs, to get the mileage up, to get some kind of base.

    THEN you start building in faster work.

    Faster work too early, means you have nothing to support it.

    Run it all too fast, and 48mins or so won't be far off the times you retire with.

    Take the tips, and you'll wonder how 48mins was ever your peak.


  • THanks for your tips...I guess this will all require some patience...then trying to dive in for it....i think i can run at the pace as last year....but i have to keep stopping even more...which means im not ready at the pace

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    Td, doesn't look like you have a great deal to lose running wise by chancing your arm with this!!

    Its what most of us do. A month or so easy is just re-setting the clock and developing some base fitness. Most regular runners will be doing about 70-80% of their running at easy pace, depending on a few other factors. 

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    NetanyahuTheWarCriminal wrote (see)
    A joke thread? Surely?

    has to be, op cannot be serious image

  • I'm pretty sure we discussed this in one of my threads back in April and it was classed as an April Fools joke thread..........

    But I listened to where I was going wrong, now I can run more without feeling wrecked all the time, can run twice as many days per week, and recently demolished my 5k PB at Ellesmere Port (was 18:47 now 18:03) simply because I focused on mileage, efficiency and conditioning the aerobic system. One beast session a week to unlock peak power, whether intervals or a time trial, is perfectly adequate, especially if, like me, you also do other endurance sports. You say you run 5-6 miles, but is that really 3 times a week without fail? Do you do any longer runs up to, say, 10 miles?

    There is no easy way to put it, it's all about the miles. Same goes for swimming and cycling - how do you think so many people finished Ironman yesterday?
  • I'd find it offputting for the OP if this is called a joke thread. If everyone in the world knew what the deal was with training paces then this forum would be pointless. Everyone would tell everyone else how their perfect plan went perfectly, and we'd all have the same reaction: well done.

    If you're experienced you'll take some knowledge for granted. There's no qualifying level of experience needed to post here, people should be around to help.

    TD43, if you ran all your young life and made it to elite level, you MIGHT be on the decline for short distances at the age of 28. But some of the best distance runners in the world have peaked in their late 30s, as distance running lends itself well to progressive, long term training. You're building endurance year on year, which doesn't disappear as quickly as flat speed. If you've been running a short while, at 28 years of age, all other things being equal, you have nothing to worry about. With consistent work and staying injury free you can look forward to years of improvement. The later you start, the later you tend to peak.

    Solid advice from the other guys above. Focus on mileage - the long game, both short term and long term. Do some searches on how to build mileage progressively and safely, but above all running slowly for the most part. You'll be amazed how well this works. It's all to do with building "mitochondria". Sounds nerdy but google it. If I have a better understanding of these things I tend to hold onto it and use it.

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    I think the "joke" comment has arisen as TD43 has a history of writing a lot of threads about "what's a good time for...." and getting a bit over focused on endings rather than details.

    Do I think for one minute TD43 will taken on board the advice we've given on here?

    Not at all.

  • Ah I see...good of people to advise him/her nonetheless then! I don't come here often, sorryimage
  • What is it with all the ellipsis use? Is it to show you are out of breath? Use full stops and commas then it might look less like a 'joke' thread. 

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    I bet you spent about 10mins making sure you didn't make any errors there didn't you.

    It's normally standard that when you correct someone, you make at least one image

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    ```````````````````;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;''''''''''''''''''''''',,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..................::::::::::::::::""""""""""%%%%%%%%%%%%$$$**************!!!!!!! What!!!!!!!!!? 

    Sorry, I was feeling a bit funny.

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    TD43 has disappeared again.

    We may get an update in 3 months time.
  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Quite possibly.

    Maybe it's "silly season" as there are not a lot of major races on in the summer.
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