Since March 2014 I have had a problem with my hip and nerves. The initial problem I had was that my hips felt like they were swinging up and down lots, and this was painful. I went to a physiotherapist, who said my muscles in my lower back were tight. She loosened them up and the pain left for a while. A couple of weeks later all of my tight leg felt completely numb for the duration of about a week. I gradually recovered feeling in this leg.

Two or three months later, about a month ago, my back completely went when I was moved to sit down. The next day I still had great pain in my lower back and additionally round the upper area of my thighs. I went to my GP, who said a nerve in my back was being pinched and so prescribed me non steroidal anti inflamitories. The pain in the back and groin subsided, not I think, because of the ibuprofen.

Currently I still have massive amounts of tingling and numbness in my feet and legs, but have never had anything in my buttocks (so not piriformis syndrome?). I cannot ru withmy leg seinging across as it feels awkward and my legs get exceptionally tired very quickly (te power in my legs feels like it has just gone!)

Other problems, which I certainly believe to be related, are that my left leg is swinging across when I walk and run, the very very top of my right hip sometimes hurts. Another problem when walking and running is that my feet feel like they are landing in different places on the sole of the foot, left and right differently I mean, possibly my right leg is striding further forward than the left, it certainly feels like it. Also I think I might have one leg longer than the other, plus a rotated pelvis.

Just this week I went to a back expert after being referred to them by my GP. They conducted a physical examination of my back and found nothing wrong. This means I am left with absolutely no clue what is wrong with me and no useful medical help. I am sixteen and a county standard track and cross country athlete. I have been out of running for longer than anyone my age should be. Does anyone know of anyone good who might be able to treat these symptons?

Please help, 



  • Hi Ollie,

    It sounds like the doctor is right that a nerve is being pinched or compressed. The question is why.

    Anti inflammatory meds might give temporary relief by reducing the inflammation in the area but we need to ask what is the cause of the inflammation. If we don't address that, the inflammation returns and so does your symptoms.

    Remember the body is designed perfectly for all your nerves to function without being pinched or compressed, however if you move away from your natural structure and posture, this can happen.

    Our muscles determine our position and posture and alignment. When they get unbalanced our posture alters and we end up with excess wear and tear, and sometimes compression and inflammation which can press on a nerve.

    From what you are describing it sounds like your muscles are not doing their job properly hence your loss of stability when you run.

    Furthermore you said your lower back muscles were tight. The physio releasing them gave you some relief but the question we have to ask is why are those muscles so tight. We can't just release them without addressing the root cause of their tightness, otherwise they will just get tight again and the pain will return as it seems to have done in your case. The same is true for the anti inflammatory medication you took.

    I'd recommend checking your posture using this video:

    and then i'd recommend this book which has exercises to help you get back your muscles working the way you should, so your structure becomes aligned, so you can run pain free:

    Pain Free - By Pete Egoscue

    Good luck!


  • So Ollie, you're 16? And "still have massive amounts of tingling and numbness in my feet and legs" ? Sounds like it would be a good idea to go and see a doctor again (assuming your surgery is not a lone GP, perhaps a different one from the first that you saw?). Because something clearly *is* wrong. It's just the back specialist couldn't find the reason. If you feel it would be useful you could take a parent or guardian along to back you up - sometimes communications can be helped along that way.

    Good luck

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