Disk Brakes

I've got disk brakes on my mountain bike and in the wet they make the biggest racket on earth. I'm embarrased to use them to the point I prey that the lights will be green when I get that far.

They still work great though. Anyone else have this problem? Or is it just my set? also anything I can do to stop it?

When they dry out it's fine and obviously on dry days


  • pad alignment can cause this... but dont actually know much about disc brakes.

    used to set cantis up so the leading edge hit the rim first.. skimming the water off before the rest of the pad hits...

  • Maybe try a different brake pad ? Have you asked on one of the MTB sites or bike newsgroups - they are usually good on this kinda thing.
  • Salford rower...
    what brake make? As some do have a preference to do this, but it can be minimised as Ed said about caliper aligement etc...
  • They're Tektro - probably cheap and nasty :)
  • I have discs also and have much the same problem. I am led to believe this is pretty much par for the course with discs, and v. difficult to eradicate. I do not share the view that you can minimise this with Caliper alignment... pads will always seat flush to the disc (essential if you consider the mechanism via which the brakes are applied).

    Some pads will be better than others, but that's about as much as you can do.
  • Rocks,
    its the 'seating' process that you minimise by 'correct' alignement... all things wobble grip,slip,grip slip.. thats what makes the noise.. Also stuff like contaminated pads.. (oil, wd40), and pad glazing, cna be avoided by gentle and easy braking in of the pads when first put on...

    Salford Rower, are these hydrolic or cable operated ones?
  • MUT,

    OK, I see your point... I had mis-read ed m's post and thought he was advocating setting up disc pads in the same way he aligns his canti's - with leading edge first.

    Totally agree that alignment needs to be right in the first place.
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