Monday 21st July 2014


Lyrics: It might seem crazy what I'm about to say

What: if I go gently downhill I can run a few k on the flat along the river. Don't fancy the uphill after

Why: trying not to go downhill...ever.

Lyrics are a current favourite.

Sunshine she's here!


  • Morning.

    Enjoy the run and the sunshine Alehouse.

    Good news RFJ.

    It is pretty warm for the long ones at the moment postie.

    What:                   LSR/smt
    Why:                    Sun/Mon instead of Sat/Sun
    Last hard:            smt's elbows will be hard
    Last rest:             2/7

    Lyrics - yes.

  • Morning ale and LMH

    Yesterdays lyrics :'The whole of the moon' by The Waterboys.

    Cracking sunny and warm start to the day here again.

    Off out now.

    Back later

  • Morning again!

    LMH: getting a lot of long runs in! Take care!

    What: 5.53k on the Portuguese cobbles. Plus walked a couple of hills.

    Why: beautiful sunny morning. And I need to run to try to shift some weight.
  • morning all

    alehouse I read the lyrics thought not a clue then immediately started singing it in my head...

    birkmyre your lyrics yesterday - one of my fave tunes

    Forever - well done on your 5k triumph!

    Postie 24, wow and LMH 26!!! I felt my 11.5 was enough...

    Alehouse sounds like a nice 'rest' day

    I did a 5 mile race yesterday in 43.36 and then plodded 6.5 miles back to my car to make it my lsr, the 6.5 was incredibly hard and slow after the hot race!

    What: 2 mile buggy run with daughter and ickle one later as a recovery (?)

    why: to help my daughter keep doing it

    last hard: yesterday

    last rest Saturday

    have a good monday all



  • Well done on your races forever and wabo.  I wouldn't fancy 6.5 miles after a 5 mile race - no wonder it was tough! 

    alehouse, well done on getting out abroad, impressive.

    LMH and postie,great long runs.  Still don't know how you manage it!

    I ran 65 miles last week and lost 5.6 pounds - delighted with that.  Happy with one pound per week from now on.

    Will do some intervals today but not sure what as yet.

    Lyrics - oh yes, I sing this one every day image

  • donaldo I lost 2 this week - well done to you!

  • not even lunch time and I am yawning  constantly....

  • What: 4 hour cross trainer

    Why: Making use of equipment, DOMS, easy on the body base building

    Lyrics: nope

    Great running guys!! 

  • Wow that's some great weight loss Donaldo.

    Well done for adding on the extra miles Wabo, never easy after a race.

    No running for me tomorrow Alehouse, next week may well be a cutback week too as on holiday and rather lacking in long run routes.

    4 hours on the cross trainer must take some doing Dibs!

    Was quite surprised to find that my legs were quite happy to bimble another 26 today and less than 2 minutes slower than yesterday on a slightly slower route too (more tracks). Off to the smt shortly which I think may hurt!

  • Afternoon all,

    emz:  15th Nov

    • What:  7.  Lacking everything at the mo.
    • Why: 15th Nov
    • Last Hard:  N/A
    • Last Rest:  Sunday

    Have a good one!

  • gosh LMH I really do not know how you do 2 x 26 miles on consecutive days!

  • Wabo well done on the race yesterday. Really difficult to run hard in conditions at the moment. I did no warm up or cool down yesterday as I just couldn't face itimage

    Donaldo good weeks work there lots of miles and lots of disappearing weight!

    Yes, take care LMH, the miles might seem easy but it's still leg impact. I want to see your blistering race times!!!!

    The humidity has been making me feel really queasy on my runs the last couple of day but felt a bit better day as conditions 'slightly' fresher.

    What: am 5 miles easy 5 miles MP effort (avg 7.32)
             pm  3 miles easy

    Why: Cut back week over

    Take care in the heat all


  • LMH, that's incredible. Brilliant long distance training.

    I did 6.2 miles today including my usual 20 x 1 min fast (5:45 pace), 1 min walk.  Heat was ridiculous, far too hot for this running lark! 

    Rest day tomorrow, overdue!

  • A picture can be very deceiving.......


    A photo from yesterdays race. You would never guess how sick I was feeling! the beauty of wearing glasses!

  • You look great forever. I must admit I would never have thought that I could cope with mileage like this,  guess those years of long distance tri training have given me a good base. I doubt very much I shall be posting a blistering time in my next race though! Legs are bearing up well according to smt. Only issue is a small Achilles tear caused, she's certain, by the jumping in the Insanity class on Saturday. She has suggested pilates as a better option image

    Easy is the answer Wabo. I set off bumbling and stay that way, no pace in mind and no pushing apart from in the last mile if I feel good.

    Thanks Donaldo. Just a short, easy swim for me tomorrow s nearly a rest day too.

  • Great pic Forever! Glasses are a great way to hide the eyes of painimage

    LMH The 4 hours wasn't that physically demanding (although my daydreaming became pretty weird at the 3 hour mark). The worst bit is the boredom of looking at a wall. 

    Don- Hell of a weight loss there mate! Do you feel good?

    Where is Gobi these days??

  • Evening

    Monty python was amazing. I was crying with laughter.

    AF still contemplating it. Yes I know I haven't run for 2 months but a girl can dream image

    Great running LMH, postie, forever and cross trainer dibs. I load films and TV onto ky phone when I'm in the gym for so long!

    Have a good one all.
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