Top of foot pain

Hi everyone, I was out running last Thursday and felt a sudden pain ontop of my left foot, below my big toe on the round area. Almost like my shoe laces were too tight. I adjusted them and continued, but literally was seized with pain on top of my foot. Every time I flex my toes or apply pressure. The pain seems to be along the metatarsal area and slightly into the arch. I've been unable to run on it for a week. Anyone know what it could be and more importantly how long it takes to heal? 


  • Being seized with pain is very unpleasent.

    I've had a similar problem for a couple of weeks now, it's very frustrating not being able to get out!

    If your problem is extensor tendonitis then the following blog article is very helpful

    I'm walking and cycling instead of running that's helping. I'm also using ice and ibuprofen.

    The issue is when to start running again and how much? I suspect I'll have to build up gradually 3 miles, 7 miles and then 10 miles with 2-3 days of no running in between.I suspect this cycle of resting and gentle training will take 6 weeks.

    Hope this is helpful and your problem clears up soon.







  • Don't use too much ibuprofen.  The orthopaedic consultant I saw described it as poison...

  • I had this and was shown how to thread laces so instead of crossing over for the third time I put the lace sideways for one hole and then cross over. It has worked for me. There is a web page on laces for trainers if you have foot problems but cannot remember where I found it.

  • Thanks for the advice on ibuprofen and lacing. I will try both suggestions.

    Despite resting ( I have been walking and cycling) these tendons are very slow

    to heal.

  • If the tendons are inflamed, another way to take the pressure off them is to make a "donut" to take pressure off the area that hurts - take e.g. a piece of chiropodist's felt, cut about 1.5-2 cm wider than the painful area. Cut a hole out of this, the size of the painful area. Use tape (micropore or another tape you don't react to) to tape this over the painful area, so that when your shoes are laced up the pressure is distributed away from that part of the foot.

  • These tips have been helpful, I'm now doing more running 3 to 9 miles without recurrence of inflammation. I am resting and icing still.... 

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