Just completed a half marathon another in 10 wks, do I start a brand new plan?


I completed the Swansea Half on Sunday, it was very hot and I did it in 2.05 which I was quite pleased with. My next half is Cardiff in 10 weeks which I would like to do under 2hrs. My question is should I start an new plan with the target of 2hrs or keep my miles up? any help greatly appreciated!

Many thanks



  • NayanNayan ✭✭✭

    Wsa that your first half? if so ease back for a bit the start of a a new 8-10 week half marath plan will taper back up to a good training intensity.

    This will give you a recovery period in between training cycles in which you might just find that your body makes some big adaptations to the recent high point in your training. With any luck you should book some lasting gains as a result. No guarantees but you stand a better chance of this happening if you allow your physiology time to do that rebuild.

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