Which running watch? Garmin 620? 910XT?

I have been using a Garmin 610 for just under a year and was generally happy with it, until it died completely and suddenly.  Fortunately I purchased it from Amazon who immediately gave me a FULL refund as soon as it was sent back to them. What a great company!

I am now in a dilemma as to what to buy to replace it.  I was dead keen on the 620 - but there seems to be a lot of bad press regarding the GPS accuracy, which as far as I am concerned is an essential strength!  I have since looked at the 910XT and like it - although the lack of WiFi upload is a shame. ANT+ is just not very well suited to large transfers, in my opinion.  Certainly the latest versions of Garmin Express seemed unreliable with uploading run data.

I already have a bike computer and don't run triathlons.  So those features of the 910XT aren't particularly of value.

I like the analysis features of the 620 but don't attach much priority to that.

I'm really interested to hear from anybody else with experience of the 620 - would you buy it again or would you go for something else instead?




  • I sold my 910 to buy a 620. I have no regrets, mainly I often found the sync with the 910 was a ball ache. Switch pc on and try for half an hour to get it to upload, sometimes having to restart the watch and/or the PC to get a connection. The synch directly over wifi is brilliant on the 620 and the thing gets a satellite lock in like 5 seconds compared to sometimes minutes on the 910.


    both are great watches, remember though there is a 910 replacement coming later this year according to Ray Maker. I would say the fenix if the inverted display wasn't so terrible to read, that makes the fenix a deal breaker for me. If they allow the screen to be normal I would sell my 620 and buy one but apparently the hardware makes it impossible.

  • Thanks Frogbmth - how do you find the GPS accuracy of the 620?  That seems to be the only (but major) negative I hear.


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