Bose SIE2

Firstly, Hi everyone. New to runners world after having been away from running for 10 years. Feels great to be back. Now for the gear discussion:

I was in the market recently for a new set of earphones to run with. I've tried a load of options over the past year, some cheap, some not so cheap, and all have had their failings either in their ability to stay in your ear whilst running or in sound quality. In many case it was both.

After some procrastination, I forked out for the Bose sie2's and haven't looked back since. I can easily say they have been by far my best running purchase to date. They sit in the ear perfectly and never feel like they are going to drop out and the sound quality is great, or certainly good enough for during a run. My long runs are about 90mins and the heat at the moment I'm sweating hard from a couple of minutes in and they have stood up to the test without flinching. If you are in the market for some new earphones these are well worth paying that bit extra for.


  • And "only" 130 quid - bargain image

  • Even taking the price into acount, I agree. I've tried many earplug types and these are the only ones that sit there and stay there no matter how much the earhole sweats. Everything is well thought through: the different sized ear inserts, the cord extension, the armband, the shirt clip. I listen to podcasts and audio books on nearly every run and these have finally sorted out the sweaty ear and wear-and-tear problems I've had.

  • For 130 quid, I'd want it to do the run for me and suck me off when it was finished.
  • If you're looking for oral sex and ways to avoid exercise you are on the wrong forum

  • Occasionally listen to marathon talk when doing my long run and just use my bog standard iPhone earphones. Can't imagine many people sweat much more than me and I've had no problems with my earphones.

    Whilst I agree the sound quality may be better when I'm out for a run I'm not exactly critiquing audio dynamics.

    Each to their own but I'd rather buy some new trainers with that type of cash.
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