Three weeks in and knee pain


I've been running for about three weeks now. Have never done any exercise before. 

Have taken it easy and followed a 5k programme on runkeeper.

I've got a pair of new balance running trainers which I purchased about 4 years ago but never used. 

Went out this morning for a 20 min fast/slow (60sec/90sec) split and straight away as soon as my feet hit the road both my knees hurt (inside left of each) with the right knee more painful.

Any advice / guidance much appreciated.






  • 3 weeks and already in to speed work, likely too much too soon

    also check that the shoes are suited to your running style, take a step back, slow it down and look at a realistic training plan that doesn't involve anything that says 'speed' or 'fast' for many months image

  • Thanks M..eldy,

    I thought I was taking it easy. Best get back to the drawing board and find a  suitable training plan.

    I'm really disappointed as I've really enjoyed the early morning runs.  image

  • Nose NowtNose Nowt ✭✭✭

    By 'fast slow'  do you mean jog/walk? 

    Have you found the nine-week "Couch to 5K" programme... which is a perfect programme for you.  Building up a run-walk strategy in the early weeks... and running no more than 3 times a week, to let your body adapt to the new demands you're putting on it.

    New Balance do lots of models of shoe.  The one's you've got might be causing a problem... but if you've been doing too much, it is probably just be your joints complaining at you! 

    Always recommend finding a proper running shop to get advice... and spending a bit more to get good shoes.  It seems a big outlay at first, but once you've got them, running is one of the healthiest and cheapest pastimes imaginable!

    Stick with it, and good luck.

  • Hi Nose Nowt,

    yep run / walk.  just dbl checked the shoes and they are NB 791 - which look like generic  running shoe. So I'll definitely visit my local running shop for a fitting. 

    Thanks for for the tip,on the programme will use this and start from scratch.  Looking back may have pushed myself to hard to start. Which looks like a classic error. Honestly thought I was going easy.  Mind vs body issue.



  • Nose NowtNose Nowt ✭✭✭

    Well done Victor... 

    I feel a bit repetitive, because we see the same "classic error" on these boards regularly.  I say the same thing...  most people find that their heart and lungs adapt quickly to exercise (or maybe they're not so unfit to start with).... so people feel like they can run quite well.  But your legs, tendons, muscles and joint also need  to adapt to this new exercise, and the repeated stresses - roughly a thousand hits per mile, do lead to accumulated damage... which (if you take it steady, and have rest days) will heal and become stronger for it.  But if you do too much or don't take enough rest days, the damage outstrips the recovery, which leads to injury.

    Not everyone is as quick as you for taking this message on board!

    It only takes a little patience and within a couple of months you start to see a difference... a great base from which to work.

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    Also, simple things, you aren't actually just bashing the insides of your knees against each other are you? when you run as others have said make sure it's really slow, speed isn't the issue it's building stamina, but keep an eye out / think carefully as you might actually just be knocking the knees against each other.

  • Thanks everyone.

    Have had 4 days break and putting ice on the knees each day on and off for an hour in 10 min sessions.

    Going for a swim tomorrow morning to ser how the knees react. Then hopefully a very light jog Sunday morning. Fingers crossed.
  • For any newbies. Like me who have pushed to hard early on and the been hit by knee brusing.

    Found these two articles to be the most useful.
  • Hi all,


    The above advice is correct apart form the Icing.

    You need to apply it for 20 every 2 hours unless you are taking anti inflammatory medication, in which case you reduce the ice application to 10 minutes ever two hours.



  • Thanks Gita,

    Do you have any thoughts on the Mueller knee straps.

  • Knee strap are a great way of building your confidence. If it creates a positive effect on your running then continue using them. The only negative i have about them that it may affect your running style and striding patterns, as they may get in the way. If you are suffering with a knee injury then you may as well try the strap and see if it helps.



  • Wow. Thought I'd check back and just update my progress. 

    So 500+ miles on the clock. Running regulary three-four times  a week. 

    Two  - five miles with hills or fartleks 

    One - three miler at recovery pace 

    One - 12 mile run at weekend  

    Rest three - four days a week 

    Lessons learnt - don't run before you can walk  Rest, rest.  Listen to your body  don't be stubborn  

    Love it beyond belief.  My time to get some inner peace, reflect and challenge myself.





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