Race Vests

I find that race packs tend to annoy me on longer runs due to the fact that they always end up riding up or bouncing too much, so I have just ordered a couple of race vests, the Salomon XT Wings 10+3 and the Montane Jaws 10. Both seem nice, and fit well, the salomon seems easier to pack, and i like the water bottle attachment on the Montane, it also seems slightly less bouncy. I am however slightly concerned that it is quite hard to pack due to the small side zip opening, I was thinking that when I am wet cold and tired it might be hard to operate in a race. 

I have not yet used these packs/vests other than trying them on and jogging around the house, has anyone used both extensively enough to comment of how they perform in the field? Any opinions would be much appreciated. 


  • Ed afraid not used them but just to check have you tried a Camelbak? If they are anoying you might be a better option.

  • I have the salamon Xt wings 10+3 and have used it in a half and in a marathon
    (the half was to try it out and the marathon was an offroad one) I found it to be pretty comfortable for the half but but for the marathon with a full litre water bladder in I found that the bladder dragged down the back of the pack inside and it meant the pack rubbed a little bit where it folded.
    However i was using a short bladder that didnt touch the bottom of the pack so this may have been the problem. it is more comfortable than a rucksack or the camelpak i have but also where you have the extra fabric across your chest it does get a bit warm. image

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