Avise on running



  • Rich Clark2 wrote (see)

    assuming you're careful and take the appropriate  2 stride warm up (and 2 to cool down) - one whole step flat out would probably be the bare minimum - if you really reduce your stride length you might be able to keep the whole thing under 4 meters. 


    Rich Clark2 wrote (see)

    make sure you hydrate and think carefully about fueling strategies - you wouldn't want to hit the wall mid stride...image

    LMAO - I was actually crying here trying to read this aloud to hubby!!!!

    Millsy wrote (see)
    Very odd. Somewhere between 2010 and 2011 the spelling has declined dramatically. Hope everything is ok with the OP as he is asking an odd question for someone with a decade of experience.

    Onto a more serious subject, I sincerely hope the OP is ok and not ill.

  • Juste back from a 2-miler. Pleas don't worry about me, I don't take to much care when I'm righting, what's the point as long as I get my massage accross? Anyway, hopfully abit better this time. Thank for the advise, I reelize some of you are a bit tunge in cheek!!

  • You're spelling has become so dredful arkinashaw. Im now worried you're running has caused perminent issues. cud this happen to me?

  • Don worry, Ruininginit, like I said erlier, as long as you get your massage across. Ir are you being tunge in cheek as well?!!

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