Bizzare Pain - Posterior Tibial Tendonitis...but not

This is a very strange one. I hope someone can give me an idea of what's going on.

Basically I have a pain that feels like it's in the front of the calf, toward my central line. Imagine if you were looking down at your feet, your toes pointing straight ahead. Imagine a pain that felt like the front of the shin, but was actually at a 45 degree angle between your shins. Probably not the best way to explain it.

The part that is sore to touch and is the route of the pain is between the achilles tendon and the shin bone. If I pinch between the achilles but behind the shin, that is the area that's hurting. When I tense my calf, the area of discomfort tenses up.

I assume it's connective tissue at the end of a muscle. But I am not sure.

Please can someone help?

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