How to achieve this? (Need helpful information)

I need to improve in all the following areas, and while there are countless forums about bodybuilding I can't seem to find a forum where people have training ideas such as these below. I have 12 months for preparation and the average requirements are pretty high for each of the abilities below.

Body stats - age: 22 height: 184cm weight: 86kg - so borderline overweight.

Now I know that this isn't the forum to ask how to maximize pull-ups or pushups, but I am including it - just so I can get an idea if I can work on all these exercises in one week in conjunction with the running and marching.

I have found on other sites workouts on how to maximize pushups and pull-ups but for the running and marching I am pretty much lost on what I should do.

Currently I am running 3 days a week. Each run session consists of 10 min run (1.5km) with a walk-rest period of 3 min (around 300 meters) repeated 6 times for a total of 60 min of running (9 km) and 18 min of walking. On weekends I march with a backpack of 15 kilos for 4.5 hours total and 20km of distance covered.

The training I am doing currently is very general and doesn't aim to improve in any specific area. That's why I am here to get information on how I should proceed in the future and what plan to follow in order to improve in these:

Running for 12 minutes as fast as you can,

Running 5 kilometers as fast as you can,

And running 8 to 16 kilometers as fast as you can.

Let them know you want to TAB 'tramp' large weights (20-40kg backpacks) over long time frames (4-5 hours - brief rest each hour) as fast as you can.

Let them know you want to jog 8 - 16 km with 12 - 15 kgs as fast as you can.

Let them know you want to increase your maximum pull ups, sit up, and push up repetitions.

Let them know you want to climb an 8 meter rope as fast as you can.


  • DazTheSlugDazTheSlug ✭✭✭

    only know about running

    you need to vary your sessions within each week, not just do the same thing 3 times

    one intervals session - like you're doing is OK for 8-16k training, faster 1k reps for 5k training and even faster (say 3min) reps for 12 min test

    one steady run - run a sustained distance/effort (faster than a jog, but without going mad) (build up to 30-40mins)

    one long run - build up to running at least 12-15k in one go, but at an easy jogging pace - although tbh your long weighted "tramps" should give you mostly the same effect if you can't fit this in as well (in that case just jog (as slow as you like) for as long a time as you have i.e. an "easy" run)

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