10k training with only 2 sessions a week

I'm 34 and have been running low-40s 10ks for years.  My PB has very gradually crept down to 41:50 but I want to get under 40 minutes.  I guess that ought to be possible with months of focused training, but my problem is that I can really only do 2 sessions a week.

So given that limitation, what should I do?  At the moment one of the two is always a 10k run at under 45 minutes and the other is 400m intervals, fast 5k, another fast 10k or a reasonably fast 15-20k depending on the weather and what I feel like doing...


  • If you only can do two sessions a week I think its a luxury to jog round a 10km in 45 ninutes (if your aim is sub 40) every week. I would probably drop that session to every other week or every third week and focus on two quality sessions a week. Would focus on intervals and tempo runs with the odd hill session thrown in. You should be able to get away with two hard quality sessions as you have so much down time.

    Maybe do some longer intervals (say half mile one week, mile the week after) as well

  • NayanNayan ✭✭✭

    10k is a mix of raw speed (of the 3k-5k variety not sprinting) plus an ability to run aerobically but tolerate lactate/pain for a prolonged period. 

    If I had to pick two sessions id do

    a) tempo session along the lines of 10 mins easy, then 3x(6mins 10mile race pace, 1min easy) then 10mins easy.

    b) a longer slow run at easy conversational pace say 10-13miles. 

    Id do B every week but A could become a fast interval session every other week. Say yasso 800s or even shorter and 3k - 5k race pace. 

    I have to say that those kinds of times on two sessions a week is pretty encouraging. Sounds like mother nature has been kind to you.

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