and the results are in !!!!!

ok so today I have finally had my results through, been having hip and Ankle problems !! The results say early degenerative changes in both hips and with the left hip having a cam shaped femoralhead with potential impingement. and no focal body lesion !!! what does this mean ??? 


  • Get a gait analysis?

  • didn't you ask the person who gave you the results image

  • Lol if only it was that easy. Not sure receptionists are best placed to give answers on these things lol. Have a physio appointment booked but not for 2 weeks so wondered if any kind sole had an idea of how this may affect my running long term !!
  • Think I may ask to see the receptionist next time. Although maybe they will take that the wrong way !!!
  • PipesPipes ✭✭✭

    Sorry to hear about your injury, but at least you have a diagnosis you can work with.  There is a thread for FAI (femoroacetabular impingement) with others who have had something similar, although it's not posted on very often at the minute.  I've had keyhole surgery on both hips for everything you mentioned. I think I had a 'bony' lesion, rather than a 'body' lesion - could it be that instead? Good luck on the road to recovery. 

  • Thanks bud will see what physio says, want to try and avoid surgery if poss.
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