Friday 25th July 2014


Lyrics - I never said never ever

Enjoy RFJ.

Sounds like a good plan emzap.

Nothing entered other than the ultra and Abingdon so far postie.

I enjoyed watching the triathlons and some of the cycling from the Games yesterday - not going to be able to keep up with it all when we go away.

What:                      short, easy run
Why:                       I'm a runner
Last hard:               hard is relative
Last rest:                2/7


  • What: more rest and more on-call
    Why: the way it is
    last rest: all this week since Monday 

    Lyrics: don't think so

  • Morning!

    Yesterday's lyrics were the traditional "I belong to Glasgow". Good old Glasgow town: hope Birks can tell us it is going well from his point of view.

    What: something short and easy
    Why: active rest. Longer tomorrow I hope.

    Lyrics: no

  • Morning all

    I enjoyed bits of the triathlons yesterday too LMH

    What: Nothing

    Why: Bleurgh and tired

    last hard: yesterday tempo

    last rest Wednesday

    Have a great weekend all, no races for me but 13 miles to be run tomorrow am, easy....

  • Not often I get on here early enough to say good morning!

    Sunny and busy so will be 7 miles for me at some point today.

    Have a great weekend all and good luck to anyone crazy enough to race in this heat image

  • Hope the thunder run goes well RFJ.

    A quick 5 for me early this morning, trying and failing to avoid the heat.  Just less than 35 mins though which was good.

    Lyrics, no.

  • Amazed by how bouncy and fluid I felt on my run this morning, just 8 miles but that took me over 100 for the week. I never, ever thought that I would be able to manage mileage like that, even if it is all easy. Mostly packing and travelling tomorrow so don't expect to be doing much and certainly not until late afternoon so lots of time for recovery.

  • 8 miles for me done. Not as comfortable as the last 2 longer runs, my one bum cheek wanted to cramp up.

    Packing now, will catch up later

  • LMH, brilliant mileage. Hats off to you, what an effort! image

  • Let's just hope it's not all 'junk' Donaldo. I seemed to respond well to increased mileage/long runs before VLM and the ultra has given me the opportunity/excuse to take that further and see what happens. Would ideally liked to have done the peak mileage week next week but the holiday is going to mean that doesn't happen so it's a sort of extended taper though I plan to do final back to back long runs when we get home.

    Good luck with that Dibs.

  • Afternoon all,

    LMH:  Well done on the ton.

    • What: individual medley pool inhalation.  Not a good idea.  Legs couldn't handle swithch from bstroke.
    • Why:  It's my ideal sport
    • Last Hard:  N/A
    • Last Rest: Sunday

    Have a good one!

  • thank Yorkie it's Friday

    lmh, nice running - have a great trip!

  • Hmmmm Yorkie!!
  • Afternoon!

    Great miles for the week, LMH. More than I've ever done: 85-90 was really the limit for me although that always included some quicker stuff.

    What: a couple of ks easy off road
    Why: not my sport. The BBC says concentrate on shooting. And the BBC are always to be believed. Now where's my catapult?

  • Yorkies (" not for women" !!)
  • Completed moving all the bike bits from a 26" frame to a 23" inch frame; just gotta connect up the gear cables and I can start training for my ideal sport image

    A bit of an achievement as I didn't know one end of a bike from t'other when I started....

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