Stomach cramps after long run

Hi, currently training for my fifth marathon.  During training for the last one, I had terrible stomach cramps, retching and diarrhoea within five minutes or so of finishing a long run.  I am fine during the run itself, it's afterwards.  I was convinced last time that it was due to dehydration, as my long runs were a bit faster paced than previously and I was drinking water on the run rather than taking drink breaks. However, I've been very careful about taking on gels and water during long runs this time, but yet again as soon as I ramp up the miles, I have the same symptoms.  It's making me think twice about continuing with my training.  Anyone got any advice or experienced anything similar? 


  • Have you changed what you're eating pre-run?

    I often get an intense stomach cramp for about 5 minutes about, 20 minutes after finishing a long run but it's purely muscular - I don't have any other symptoms.

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    How hard are you pushing on the long runs ( in relation to your marathon PB pace)?

    I used to get similar symptoms when I used to run my long runs too hard.
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