Shin Splints

I suffer from shin splints and so wear cho pat supports which are amazing in that i get no pain at all, but they make my legs feel heavy and tight and slow me down.

I've been looking into compression socks, but all the descriptions and reviews talk about them in terms of calf support (even those that state they help with shin splints).

I just wondered if anyone with shin splints has tried the socks and have any recommendations?


  • Compression socks feel very 'comforting' to me, and feel good on, but not too sure they help me in the long term.

    I value them more for wearing during the day in work, or going to bed in, and not so much for the running (though I do wear a calf sleeve). 

    What seems to be helping for me at the moment is greater arch support, wish I'd found this out months ago...

  • Thanks for the info.will try adding some arch support
  • ShedboyShedboy ✭✭✭

    Alison - got arch support orthotics from profession pod 3 years ago.  No more shin splints until i decided i didnt need them anymore earlier this year ... came back after 2 runs!!.  Now back with them an although plenty of other aches .. no shin splints! PS I have high arches

  • Ive ordered some socks and going to see how i get on...if no joy arch support is next on my list!
  • ShedboyShedboy ✭✭✭

    Hi ALison - I found the socks useful to wear during the day and after runs when my mileage got higher the compression seemed to help and relax my lower leg muscles, i only used them on a few runs and reckons its personal preference. That and the foam roller on my calves really helped - good luck.  Try it and then if works great if not go visit a pod.

  • I got Some 2xu socks and ran in them for the first time on sat....definately a lot lighter, did feel some impact but not really painful...and shaved a minute or so off my pb. Somebody else has mentioned rolling my calves so will try that too. Thanks!
  • ShedboyShedboy ✭✭✭

    Alison i think the foam roller (a good one like the grid) is almost a cure for shin splints or at least its what prevents it.  Every night from ankle up and do different angles and sides of calves.  Only for a few minutes but i swear its like a miracle! 

  • I will definately be doing this. Thanks!
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