fat and 40!!

Hi all,

Been on and off these forums for, i think, about the last ten years. I still don't have a regular habit due to extreme laziness. Unfortunately this means that I have now hit the big 40 and am 2 stone overweight, I think I have to stop being lazy.

The problem is that i tried to start a couch to 5k program but after I completed the first session I had a huge pain in my right upper butt cheek (for want of a better description} I went for a walk today as I thought i had just started too hard the last time, I was still sore in the same place when i got back. I also noticed that the ouside of my right trainer under the ball of my foot is more worn than the rest.  I wear motion control shoes as i have flat feet.

Can anyone help?  I am totally ready to get started but don't want to create a major injury.

Thanks in advance



  • Start reaaaaaalllly slowly.  Walk a bit as a warm up, then run really slowly, before finishing with a walk to warm down.

  • tricialitttricialitt ✭✭✭

    Possibly piriformis- look upsome stretches, and try rolling the sore bit on s faom roller or tennis ball.

  • And consider new shoes - it you're noticing wear it might be time to replace them.

  • Thanks guys!! image

    Tricialitt just had a look at piriformis. I thimk i maybe need to do some gentle streching before i go out, normally i just use a walk as a warm up.

    Screamapiller i've just been researching the web for new shoes. I have had the ones i've got for abour 4 years, wear them a lot but haven't done much running in them. Daft that i thought they would be ok really.

    Faithsdaddy i only have one speed and its mainly slow, really slow. I sometimes grt a little overexcited tho......
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