Stuck in a rut

Hi I am loking for some advice.

I began running 5 months ago with a C25K app which I manged to complete in May and I am currently running 4 miles in about 36-37 mins. I get out 3 nights per week. I want to increase my distance so I can do 10k regularly but seem stuck at the 4 mile distance and am unsure how to increase distance. Should I increase length of all runs or just 1 per week and stick at 4 miles for the other 2.  What would be a normal timeframe to achieve a 10k distance.  Help needed..


  • You only want to do one long run each week.  A long run builds endurance, but too many of them will just wear you down.  Having a bit of speed on your shorter runs will give you 'gears'.  So if you run 10 minute miles normally, but run at 9s on a shorter one, going back to 10s will feel easier.

    You could try inching up your long run, tiny bits at a time.  Start by sticking at 4 until it feels comfortable, then ratchet it up by 1/4 mile at a time.  Don't increase your distance until the new long run feels ok.  You can change the increase to a tenth of a mile, or more if you prefer.  

    Unless you have a 10K in the near future, I would go for a gradual increase.  Less likely to get injured that way.


  • Thanks guys for responses. I guess I will try and increase distance for one of my runs and take it from there.

    Haven't set any deadlines for reaching the 10K - think I need to prove to myself I can complete the distance before enteringa race.  Just a lack of confidence I guess.  Taking up a new activity at 40 has been a bit daunting but I definately feel a lot better about it all. Cheers

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    Just add a km to the long run and up it every two or three weeks, then maybe once a month stretch one of the other runs out by a km or two and occasionally throw in a hard fast run on one of your shorter runs. 

    Just add a bit of variety image  

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