Putney & Fulham Riverside Half Marathon


 Has anyone done this half marathon before?  What is it like?




  • Also how many laps are there?

  • It is 2 laps, along the Thames according to the website (http://www.energizedsports.com/events.html)

  • Just missed out on a 1:30 at the Sturminster Half - darn hot and hily - BRUTAL finish - thinking about this one to try and break the barrier as looks flat - website info seems really poor - is this a new race?

  • Not done it before but have entered as training for the Berlin Marathon.  It does look flat but may be on gravel and paths but that should not cause too many problems.

  • Agree the website is very poor, the company that organise it do seem to have done 

    numerous other races though, so I think it'll be ok.  I think it is a new race as can't find any other info on it, except the website and Runners World event pageimage

    Marcus - 1:30 for a hot and hilly half is excellent, well done.

    Haggis - Berlin is on my list to do, I'm thinking of entering this as part of my training for the Yorkshire Marathon in October.

  • Thanks Matthew - still fairly new to running (about 18 months) and still in a results focused period.  Feels a bit like cheating looking for flat races to get PB's but I guess that's how it goes!  Last weekend was part of training for the Thames Meander marathon on 1st November - hoping for a 'good for age' place (3:15 - am 43 next month) for London - really dislike the whole Ballot and charity position for these events - if you don;t raise £1500 they just take it.  My friedns and colleagues know I run and it feels cheeky asking for sponsorship....


  • Marcus - I did the Stur Half last year, a long hill but a good race nonetheless and will be back one year to beat my time. One of those that sorts the men from the boys. With 1:30 you were defintely amongst the men and would imagine over a flat course you would shave five minutes off your time.

    Paths may be wet in places on the Putney side of the river but it is a decent wide path but will need to avoid the rowing boats that are taken in and out of the boat houses. Very picturesque route as I have trained around here for marathon training.

  • Thanks goalpost - it felt really hard - lost the minute in the last couple of climbs.  It is good to hear from someone who has done it before and can verify that it is difficult.  Ran 1:30:16 in Milton Keynes and know I ran a lot better than that on Sunday.  Five minutes is a lot but I'm going to take your word on that and use it for a dream goal - thanks!

  • Marcus - Completely get what you are saying regarding sponsorship, it is fine once in a while (although does take a lot of time to raise that sort of money), but you can't keep asking the same people over and over again!

    Thanks for the info Goalpost, sounds like it could be a nice little race.

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    Not to put anyone off this race (I don't know anything about it!) but being in the same position of wanting to run a flat and fast race in preparation for the Berlin Marathon, I can also suggest the Maidenhead Half Marathon which is the following weekend.  (Three weeks out from Berlin.)  Just an option.

  • Marcus - yes I suggested five minutes which sounds a lot. My basis for this is as follows. Ran the Surrey Half which had some hills and took 3 minutes off the time from the Stur Half even though my training was way less than ideal. I felt I had the energy in the bank at the finish. Not an entirely flat race so feel another 2 minutes could be shaved off when I run the Great North next month for my first and probably only time. Good luck and hope you get the time you want and above all else enjoy the race.

  • I have put in for the Ealing half at the end of sept,is it wise to do this race or do you think maybe I do two 10ks before my half,suggestion please?

  • Impossible question to answer Naomi without knowing what your aim or schedule is.  Is it your first half?  what is your training plan like? Target times? running experience?  Glad to give an opinion but could be dangerous without more knowledge.


    kInd regards


  • I see it says that the course crosses over Putney Bridge. Isn't Putney Bridge closed until October? 

  • Shady - Only to motor vehicles so unless you are a motorised runner you should be OK.image

  • does anyone know which is the best way to get there by train?



  • Where are you coming from Robert?  Barnes is only about 15min walk to the start, but there are a few stations around that area.

  • Sussex - Arun Valley so would changing at Clapham be best?

  • I think that is probably the best place to change, as the Barnes train will stop there.

  • Hi all, has anyone registered and paid online and not received a confirmation email yet? this happened to me yesterday. I have e-mailed the race organiser at energized sport but did not get a very useful reply....

    I am a little worried as the race is only in 2 weeks time!
  • Hmmm, was about to sign up but that is a bit concerning - anyone else had confirmation?

  • I got confirmation instantly that I signed up

  • Same here - just signed up and confirmation straight away.  All booked - wil be driving up from Winchester if anyone wants a lift from anywhere reasonable. Train well! image



  • I entered a few evenings ago but didn't get any confirmation email although on screen it said I was confirmed - wrote email to organisers and no reply - frustrating - had heard some disturbing things about some of their previous event organising ...hmmm, anyone else same ??


  • taking back what I have said above ...just had confirmation email following my enquiry and my race number just arrived in post ! see you all there


  • I've found my confirmation registration in my gmail span folder. Check there!!!

  • blimey - it was there all the time - thanks - sorry to energized sports !!!

  • Anyone know best way to get to sports centre from Victoria coach station?, is there a bodies bike docking station near by?, I got caught out at Hackney, with no docking at event !!

  • Hi

    Energized sports are doing another one of these (on pretty much the same route it looks like) in October. Would those who did this event in august recommend it? PB potential?  I'm trying to get a place for the Royal Parks Half but if I can't (very likely) this could be an alternative.

  • Overall, the event was good.  Lots of marshall in the right places and a nice start finish area.  The course is flat but I'm not sure about PB material as there are lots and lots of 90 degree turns that slow you down.  Plus the start and finish on grass takes a wee bit more out of you.  There were a few people to didge round getting up onto Putney bridge on the second lap too.


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