Putney & Fulham Riverside Half Marathon



  • Ok, good to know. Thanks for your reply Marcus

  • You're welcome image

  • I did it and was pleasantly surprised at how good it was - well organised and a great bunch of comrade runners - no problem free parking, cheering marshals, maybe the waterstations were a bit undermanned, and a nice scenic mixed route which was getting busier with other users as the time moved on.  I would recommend this event.  My time was a little slower than I expected, and I can only guess reasons as Marcus said.

  • The 2015 Putney and Fulham Half happened yesterday (12th April) and just thought I'd post up a few comments.  All in all, a really enjoyable race.  Very well marshaled, not too packed (I'd say around 600ish ran...), nice flat course.  Loads of 90 degree turns which stop any kind of momentum but it does make it a bit more interesting image and a bit of pedestrian dodging here and there but all in all, I'd recommend it.  

    The last stretch being on grass sure takes it out of out legs though but I smashed my PB so everyones happy!


  • A good update - thanks JustArran.  I'd never thought of this event before but I have one (very) important question.

    How close to the pubs is the fnish line for post-race re-hydration? image

  • I did this race on Sunday - certainly couldn't fault the organisation /marshalling and a nice route, mainly along the river. I would definitely consider doing it again. The nice weather was a bonus too!

    It was interesting to see the detritus resulting from the boat race (or rather boat race related partying) the day before as we ran along the river.

    You wouldn't have too wander too far to find a pub andyp!

  • Thanks CB69 - I'll add to my wish list!image

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