Brownlee Tri Harewood House Leeds

Anyone else doing this 21st Sept, going to be my first one so a bit excited. One question is can you wear shorts and t shirt for the run, you don't have to wear a tri suit do you? Same for the cycle. You don't have to wear a tri suit under your wetsuit?


  • What do the rules say ? Or the athletes instructions on the website ?
  • Nothing tbh, sent an email.

  • Page 1 you need a BTF day licence or full ETF etc licence to compete..

    Therefore BTF rules apply Simples
  • Ah ok thanks

  • So no you don't need a tri suit But it will save having to get changed in each transition
  • Im only doing it for the experience so time wont be a target just to get one under my belt so to speak.

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    just be aware that nudity isn't normally allowed in transition so you won't be able to get totally changed!

    if you have some lycra shorts, they will do to wear under your wetsuit, then in transition just put on a t-shirt/running top and socks, shoes and helmet and off you go

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭

    you CAN get totally changed in transition provided you don't break the nudity rule - those who want to use a towel around them, or the posh buggers have a dryrobe. 

  • Not done a tri there but the grounds are lovely. Have a great race and more importantly, enjoy it!

  • Tri suits are handy. Why wouldn't you want one ?
  • Cos im a chunky monkey  at the moment lol.

  • mark wadsworth 2 wrote (see)

    Cos im a chunky monkey  at the moment lol.

    And I suppose with Me and Buddha being almost anorexic you wouldn't want to be put to shame

    (Have you seen how slimming the yellow & black is ?)

  • Nope, any links lol. Might get a cheapy one for now to test. I'm building up to ironman  half then full next year.

  • Have you watched any triathlons in real life Mark - plenty of chunky munkies around. If you google the Outlaw Triathlon they've put up a video of highlights of this years race. Plenty of pirates there.

    Did you not do IMUK this year ?
  • No I had to pull out, just  not enough time and missed too much training due to Achilles heel that ruined my London marathon too.

    I did go over to support them and was amazed so signed up for the package deal, half ironman in june then full ironman in july. Already got a London marathon charity spot so some great goals to aim for.

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