My big toe(s) hurt(s)

For the last month I've noticed pain on the top of my big toe - on/around the loint between the end part of the toe and the next bit (I don't know the technical terms). It's mostly on the left foot but very slightly on the right too, and feels like bruising, but no swelling or discoloration.

The fact that it's both feet makes me a bit more concerned. Did a 10k on Saturday and definitely worse the next day. I have two theories : 1) It's since I started wearing some new trainers (though I didn't wear them for said 10k),  2) It's the first signs of arthritis.

Anyone else had this?


  • Could be the trainers. If the uppers have a different amount of flexiblity to the ones you are used to, it will make a difference. I'd get it checked out by a physio just to be on the safe side.

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