Calf Strain

I wouldn't normally ask for health/medical advice on a forum, but the circumstances mean that it would be helpful.

I have , by the feel of it, a painful torn calf. 

I did it this morning at 9.30am and have an appointment with nurse at GPs' later this afternoon.

I've been sitting with it up and ice pack on back of leg pretty much since it happened.

Waking is very very tricky and I can't put weight on it.

Is it ok to take Ibuprofen at this stage? I have heard conflicting things about anti-inflammatorys and potential bruising etc.

And should I be trying to straighten leg to keep it mobile or just keeping it slightly bent?

Thanks in advance



  • Hope your doctors visit went ok.  hopefully i am at the end of my calf strain problem.  in the first few days I was told to take an anti inflammatory and not stretch.  

    Then do stretches, including toe drops and gentle walkingbafter few days.

    I found rubbing tiger balm on mine helpful - it could just be in the mind though!



  • Helen - thanks for reply. I went to docs but am being referred for scan on Monday.

    He was a bit worried at the look of it and wanted just to check.

    He prescribed Naproxen and ice packs. Had it up since yesterday morning and at least it's not hurting now- just that walking is difficult.(I've developed a sideways crab walk  to get to toilet)

    I have tiger balm I used on a thigh strain last year and thought it was effective, will give it a go on calf before bed tonight.

  • Sorry to hear the news.   Sounds worse then mine as mine was a grade 1 strain.  I hope it heals soon and just take it easy.


  • I'm nursing a calf strain myself. I was told not to take ibuprofen as the body needs the inflammation to heal.

    Get yourself to a proper sports physio. Most GPs don't deal well with sports injuries. When I strained my calf two weeks ago I went straight to my physio and had laser and ultrasound. Since then I've been doing heel drops and glute strengthening exercises (to mitigate the problem). Eccentric training (the heel drops) helps realign damaged muscle fibres.

    My calf tightened up again last week so I went back and he said it was just really tight and did some very painful massage on it. I've been icing but he also recommended applying heat to it. Good luck.

  • Cal, thanks for info. I had heard conflicting things about the anti-infammatories.

    I'm in for scan on Monday with consultant , so just resting up till then.

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