Anterior shin pain with new shoes

Hi all. I just got some new running shoes from the sweatshop at the weekend, some Nike Lunareclipse+4 my previous shoes where Nike structure 15. I had the video gait analysis done and these seem to offer the best support.

My problem now is after only two 4mile runs I have muscular pain down the outside front of my shins makes walking a bit painful lifting the front of my foot up. I find if I walk in the new running shoes the transition from heal to foot is not smooth, unless you physical slow your foot it wants to slap down.

It does not seem to do this with my old runner's. Could this pain just be my legs getting used to the new shoes and the way they land or do you think they are not right for me and I should return them and swap for the Asics Kayano 20 or something else.

Any advice you can offer would be good.

Thanks Andy

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