Marathon Running and Toilet Problems

I have been running 10k's for a while now and next year I want to do a marathon but what's on my mind is needing the toilet all the time and how do I go about doing my business lol

After running 7 miles I desperate for the toilet so after 24.5 miles it worries  me .



  • Experiment with imodium on your longer runs.  See if that helps.  I know someone who swears by it.

    If you're not too bothered about time on your first marathon, just accept stopping at the on-route facilities.  

    Just remember to bring your own paper/ wipes..... or you'll have to make sure which hand you use to shake, when you're being congratulated after the finish.

  • lol Thanks  for answering my awkward question

  • If you do a search on this forum for 'runners trots' you'll find a number of discussions on this topic.  Some people have found that changing their diet can reduce the need to go, which might work for you if you don't want to rely on imodium.  If you are going to need a pitstop during the marathon a little research will enable you to find courses which are well provided with facilities.

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Look at your diet in the 48 hrs before your long run. Especially the amount of fibre / spicy food. I cured my issues by cutting out porridge and brown bread as my pre run fuel.

    I still use an immodium in a race just in case.
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    Learn to pee on the run image
  • there is a theory, actually a bit more than that, that "runner's trots" are caused by body core temperatures rising by +2C as a result of exercise. This is achieved by only 20-30 minutes of fairly hard running.

    This causes leakage of the stomach/bowel and the aforementioned trots result. Paperrunners trots and a possible remedy is colostrum supplement

    Runners often find that the incidence of trots increases as their fitness and distance increases which is some sort of anecdotal evidence to support the research.

    I know of a few runners who have had good results from this 

  • Thanks guys.. is it also normal to get them hours after a big run too?

  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Mine was sorted by vastly reducing milk before a run. I used to drown my cereal with milk, and it turned out that was the cause of the issue.
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    a longer than usual and / or faster than usual effort, the sort that leaves you with your skin quite hot and your metabolism up can make you need the loo in the hours after the run sure.say a hard 10k time trial or a 20 miler with a big chunk run at your goal pace.

    You do see folks necking so much water before a race (marathon) that they ahve to stop and pee 200 yards in. People do make some naive choices like that or overeating the night before and not going to the toilet properly on the day. 

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