The Ashbourne Half 2014

I want to get a Half Marathon in before my first full marathon in October (Leicester), so I'm thinking about doing the Ashbourne half because it's quite cheap (£11 for us affiliated runners) and having been to Dovedale before I can imagine it's a cool race to run.

Problem is I don't drive so I'm hoping someone from here might be going from Leicester, as transport links on a Sunday morning are likely to be a nightmare.

Anyone run this before? What can I expect?


  • Can`t help with the transport but I`m thinking of doing this one. Was hoping to do Chesterfield mara but scuppered by injury. The HM there is £35 so Ashbourne sounds good!

  • Why not make a long weekend of it and find local B an B 

  • Agree with David Frith 2, many times I stayed for  a night or two when I couldn't get to the running competition on the day of the event. That's a nice experience. I met locals learning their customs, culture, and got a better knowledge about the course

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