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ok, here goes.  I haven't done any serious running since the early 90's.  I am now 46 and overweight by a good couple of stone and would like to get back into running.

I stopped smoking 2 years ago (that's where the weight came from) and I enjoy a drink more than a couple of nights a week :(.

Does anyone have any advise or tips they can offer in order for me to ease back into this without any serious damage please?  Should I even attempt it at my age?

Thank you


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    slow and steady slowwwwwwwwwlyi s the key, either do couch to 5k or just go out jogging on your own, you just want to plod along barely faster than a walk the first few weeks are purely about getting your body used to running your muscles start to develop in the legs quickly but tendons joints etc... Take longer so don't rush it image slow n steady.

    go to a local running shop for advice on trainers, personally I think if overweight go for lots of cushioning to help image

    also .... Diet, running won't magically make you skinny, look at what goes into your body once you start feeling good from running it seems to help you in wanting to look after your body image you cannot change everything overnight, but If you work hard in a year or two you will not believe you were the same person. 

    Believe me i was there, and i'ma totally different person now, and didn't start till I was in my 40s 

  • Thanks booktrunk.  Diet is not a problem as I have a reasonably low fat diet.  My problem is the drink, which I am starting to work on.  Used to be quite stressed with work and drank most nights but started a new one 7 weeks ago and am a lot happier.

    I do have some comfortable trainers that I could start with and then get a better pair when I get settled, don't want to spend money if I have problems getting into it.

    I accept the slow and steady part, I am not in a rush.  I do some ecercise at home - Wii Fit Plus and exercise bike in the garage - half an hour 3-4 times a week to get back into the routine and slowly build stamina.

    I will take all things into account before taking the final steps, thank you

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    Common sense is your best friend image

  • Thank you.  I have installed a c25k app on my phone and will have a look this weekend.

    I finish my training for my new job on Fri and start my shifts on Sun so I may be able to make a start on Sat, Wed and the following weekend and take it from there.

    I will keep you informed of my progress.

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