Garmin Forerunner 620 review

Just posted a huge (1 hour) video of the 620; the first (of 4 parts) is at  I ended up buying the device when it had been sent direct by Garmin. I am mainly in love with it, my only caveats being that there is no Virtual racer, and you can't create advanced workouts on the watch (as opposed to using Garmin Connect). Otherwise, highly recommended.


  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    Yawn.. I presume you could see the garmin 620 thread as a newbie you could maybe have contributed to that... 

    Pretty much bet you get less than half a dozen people wasting their time watching your's a community contribute on here... It's not a difficult concept.



  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    Needs training with the edit function.

  • So 2 bullshit replies so far, typical trolls. Obviously your respective attention spans are not enough even to check out a free online video.

    1 The video was semi-official, sent by Garmin's PR for Western Europe. I am no.1 eg for the 910XT/610 on YouTube.

    2 The thread was created as it is a REVIEW and it is new.

    3 To Muttley (usual bullshit Internet name) I use Sony Vegas Platinum and the total number of videos used before editing was over 200. But then that's too much information for you to process with one-line posts right? You and your friend above, also check your spelling and grammar. To 'Booktrunk', wow what great times. I've done 31 minutes for 10k in difficult circumstances

    I am interested in views from those who want to learn about the device NOT these trolls. Thanks in advance.

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    Be fair Rob, all of your posts link to your website / YouTube channel. Combine this with no other contribution to the forum it's easy to see why people are a bit cynical.
  • I accept your point, however my entire channel and site are free efforts for everyone to look at and that is my contribution to lots of issues eg African poverty. My review was done entirely by me and cost hundreds of pounds and several months. It was the sheer apathetic ignorance by the two above that caused my reaction, which is what they would get in any other forum.

  • Holy moly! I've been wondering about getting a watch and had looked at this one so was interested to see the thread pop up in 'Hot threads'.


    I think I might move along now given the hugely aggressive over-reaction from the reviewer. Nothing like a bit of name calling, mocking others and gloating to encourage people to view your work.


    However I've never run a 31min 10k so I guess I'm not worthy anyway.

  • Think you'll find that  there is a Virtual Partner, Read page 8 of the manual.

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    Dear Robert


  • To Maybearunner -reread my post. I have put hundreds of hours of work into something that helps people. Just read your wanker friend 'booktrunk' -'Twaddle'. What creativity. Are you even going to look at the first few frames? Fucking wow to this place.

    Anyway (yet another wrong comment and I have been here for less than 48 hours) -to Gazmanmeister, it says VIRTUAL RACER, which is present in the 610 and 910XT but not this one. 

    Fuck this, I'm off. Happy trolling.

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    aren't you also a little late? in as much as the 620 came out quite some time ago (September last year according to amazon)

    What do you think of the newly released iphone 5s and grand theft auto 5?

  • (at least it's a proper question -it's the last one I'll answer, despite the sarcasm). The 620 has a long learning curve and takes time to learn in the field. The 910XT came out on October 2011 but was not available until February 2012. You would be unaware of the latest 2.90 firmware -that is CURRENT, as of July 2014.

    Once again you tossers are rude and insolent. Good riddance.

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    I actually wasn't being sarcastic (more ironic really) just looking through the forum there's someone reporting getting their 620 through the post in December, I don't believe I referenced the firmware, as I didn't really want to sit through an hour of someone reviewing (part 1!) a watch, and as you only appear to post to plug said video and it's friends I'm not too sure your contribution to the forum will be missed, 

    if you'd like to read more about my thoughts on this I'll be releasing a 32 part review of your post, coming next April on youtube!

  • For what it's worth, I did reread your posts. The first one got me interested, like I said, it's something I'm actively looking into and people going to the time and effort to make reviews, share there experience and generally help others is what makes this forum so interesting and useful in my opinion.

    Rereading your other posts, they just come across as angry. Admittedly you've had some none-too-helpful feedback but you've certainly not taken the moral high ground.

    From the point of view of a beginner looking for info, why would I watch a review put together by someone who acts as you've done on this thread?

    Not that it's important but for me, 10/10 for going to the effort of doing something which could be very helpful. 0/10 for the rest and no, I won't be watching a few frames.
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    Excuse me, but my feedback is meant to be constructive. As in, seriously, who is going to watch a ONE HOUR review of a watch? One made by an amateur?

    So like I said, learn to edit. Five minutes is too long. Two is about right. It's only a watch and you're not a documentary maker.

    Nothing wrong with my spelling and grammar, sonny boy.

    Being a bit faster than many (and bragging about it) does not make you a better person or your opinion worth any more than anyone else's.

    And I do like a good flounce. Can you do another one for us please?

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    I assume that Rob has flounced off to collect up all of the toys that he hurled out of his pram image

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    Why the change of name Rob? I thought you didn't like "bullshit internet names" ?
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    I think he might not still be with us on this thread image

  • Here's my review:


    Most things


    Some boring things

    Doubtless some other boring things I haven't come across yet


    Stop the clock - was that less than an hour?
  • ...... Close run thing, but YES!! You just beat the hour mark, buy the odd 59 minutes and 30 or so seconds. 

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