Torn Supraspinatus

I tore my supraspinatus towards end of June which was fairly painful to start.  I've not been allowed to swim, although I did tell the chiro that I was entered for HIM mid July and had every intention of at least starting it.  Yes the swim was sore and quite shocking looking at the difference with my stroke from the photos, and the last part of the bike was particularly painful.  It is SLOWLY getting better though.  I have a bit more range of movement but go above 45 degrees and it's just too sore.

Having it scanned tomorrow (and been warned I might have an injection - hope not), although doubt that will change any treatment I'm already getting.

Has anyone else had this injury and how long was it until you were back swimming and doing weights?  I used to love doing upper body strength work, but can't even do a press up on my knees at the moment!  I'm not exactly the most patient person in the world, but now HIM is done, I promised I will follow orders.  I don't think it's a bad tear, as I'm not in constant pain (although scan will tell tomorrow), so just wondered what other peoples expereinces have been.  Thank you.


  • Rotator cuff injuries are a nuisance and can cause all sorts of problems elsewhere in the chain. I damaged mine when I was 24 (too much bench pressing too heavy too often, because I was a fool at that age) and it still bothers me at the age of 47. Go to a proper sports physio who will assess you for postural imbalances and give you some corrective exercises. Chances are (especially if you spend a lot of time hunched over a computer) your posture is less than optimal and you will need to fix this if you want to avoid re-injury.

    Do what your physio tells you  but also work on mobilising the shoulder (try the MobilityWOD website for exercises - just Google it) and strengthening your upper back. Best of luck.

  • Thanks Cal.  Yes seeing a good sports physio/chiro, who has referred me for scans as well.  Been given a whole load of exercises to do in conjunction with treatment.  He did say that unfortunately because of the injury, my job, posture and sport does not help it (sit at a desk all day, and do triathlon)!!!  Seriously hope I don't get plagued by this, and hearing of your experience I will definitely be doing as I'm told image

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