I've been recently doing some core stretches and light weight work to try and improve my running. I do this about three times a week and i work my core and also do some bicep curls, push ups and a number of crunches. I am starting to get some results, I have beaten my last two PBS and I feel a lot healthier, but now I'm interested in maybe incorporating some yoga into my routine. What do you guys recommend? Should the yoga replace the core work and weights? Or should I do this on days when I'm not core and weight training. The yoga I'm interested in doing is DDP yoga as I've heard nothing but good things about it. Thank you for any advice you have!


  • Hi Michael, I think that ashtanga yoga can replace core work as you are definitely using your core and balancing a lot in class, but I don't know what DPP yoga is so may be similar?

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    i do DDP yoga (specifically the energy workout) as a warmdown after a run as i find i'm much less sore the next day that way, the delayed plank gets me every time though!

  • I'm just about to do my first Bikram Yoga class. I'm hoping it will address some of the mobility issues I have that contributed towards my recent calf strain and ongoing achilles and shoulder issues.

    It can't hurt to try eh?

  • You're right, it may help and the things I read about yoga are all positive. I think it may be an avenue to venture down but am a bit worried also about weight loss with it. I think I am slightly underweight and wanted a yoga pattern that would be good for the core but can also help at least tone some of the muscle that I am slowly building. At 6 feet 1 - 6 feet 2 I am under 12 stone so want a yoga pattern that will help me get up to about 12.5 - 13 stone but of muscle
  • Power/Ashtanga Yoga is probably the one you want for strength, though personally I would lift some weights and do the yoga (any kind) for mobility and relaxation. Yoga won't help you lose weight unless you are burning more calories than you eat so basically, eat more calorie dense foods.


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