Which GPS watch for Half Marathon training ...


I've recently started running and completed my first 10k race last month.  I'm running another 10k in September and my first Half Marathon in February.  I'm looking for a GPS watch to monitor my progress as I'm currently using MapMyRun which is unreliable and Strava which is ok but I would prefer something on my wrist to glance at!  I quite like the Tom Tom Runner ...

Any help/feedback would be much appreciated.




  • Cheap and easy to use... sounds like the Garmin forerunner 10, Search for garmin fr10 should be under £80 and if your lucky closer to £70.

    Not as much love but some love is the soleus gps1 which is around £60

    There are lots of others out there.

    Garmin FR15 if you want it to keep track of your daily steps as well as having GPS.

    then you go up to the posher suunto and garmin fr220 more all singing and dancing GPS devices closer to £200.

    But if you are not going to be plodding along for longer than 5 hours in one go, something like the FR10 will do you fine, simple, and does the job.

    Amazon I think have the Fr10 around £79 and so do sportsshoes.com but they usually have 10% off offers kicking around on the net if you hunt around.

  • Claire,

    DC Rainmaker is normally a good site to read for recommendations and reviews:


    If you don't mind going for a second hand unit then there are loads of old Garmin forerunner models (205, 305, 310) on ebay.  Do you just want GPS or GPS plus HRM?

  • the Ferret is right image best review site for GPS image

  • Many thanks.  I'll have a look.  I'm after just GPS at the moment.

  • 310xt is ludicrously cheap at the minute and is a great watch. About 130 quid on Amazon.
  • Thanks all. I bought the Tom Tom Runner yesterday and will be trying it out tomorrow. Will let you know. 


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