Glute Area Injury (Potentially Piriformus)

For the first time I've actually got properly injured. Had to happen at some point

Pain is in the interior glutes on my left hand side, affecting the top of the hamstring with occasional shooting pains/tingles down the outer leg. The internet points to a Piriformus injury, but I'm not trained enough to diagnose this myself

The damage occurred a 5 weeks ago during running (I'm usually out running 5-6 days/week). For the first week I did what any runner generally does, and tried to run it off, but the pain got so great it hurt to walk.   I have not been able to run since without pain, so have been using a spin and arm bike to stay fit while resting the area, but the pain has not fully subsided   I have had a couple of deep tissue massages in the area which have relived and loosened the muscle, and I'm inquiring with physios about treatment, but can anyone else help with advice who's had a similar pain?   Cancelling races left right and centre, main aim is to now be fit for VLM training starting 8th Dec at this rate.


  • I suffered a horse riding accident when much younger and bouncier and had to endure days of intense pain around my left hip. This was followed by pyriformis syndrome, which was an absolute b*gger. A combination of osteopathy and acupuncture helped and normal service was resumed in a couple of months. Good luck. 

  • I have piriformis syndrome so you have my sympathy. I used to get a dull sciatic pain when I was around 3-4 miles into my longer runs. What helped me was doing a lot of glute activation work and strength work focusing on the glutes such as Bulgarian Split Squats (a lunge with the back foot elevated on a bench), weighted hip thrusts, kettle bell swings, step-ups, clams, band walks and so forth. Also foam rolling the outside of the leg, particularly the ITB, and I also use a hockey ball (start with a tennis ball if you don't normally do this) to roll out my hips. Rolling your feet on a hard ball daily also helps with muscle tightness right the way up the leg.

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    I found this stretch particularly helpful. Do 2 x 30 seconds daily

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    Cal suggests good exercises, I would add in hip flexor stretches to complement the glute strengthening moves.

  • I have had what I fought was Piriformis for what seems eternity now and getting very frustrated as it doesn't want to go but went to a physio and she says although there's pain coming from the piriformis its my spine especially the left hand side of it   that's coursing it via nerve endings also it feels like sciatica running from the piriformis down to the heel but I feel nothing from my back whats so ever, I have been doing the usual exercises to help things along but it not getting any better in-fact its got worse I find it hard to get out of the bed in the morning also I have a running machine but only manage 20mins after that my leg feels like dropping off.

  • Folks, really appreciate all your input - Will be taking all the info. in and also got a physio session booked tomorrow to hopefully nail it down then some treatment, Mike59 - hope it clears up for you

  • Just for your interest folks - Been having physio, along with roller, percussive massage, stretching and building up the surrounding muscles, and have got back to running (albeit slower and less quantity currently)

  • Glad to hear you are on the mend Sprint for the line, I am slowly getting there.

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