GNR Advice

Are there any specific do's and dont's for this event. Any pitfalls or sneaky little bits of advice to make the day and race go smoother.

I am staying in Durham, booked Nirvana to get to the start and back again.

Just looking for some tips thats all.


  • Travel is the key thing - and you've boxed that off.

    It's a busy race - I'd forget about PB's and enjoy your day.
  • As above travel the only real issue it's very well run if crowded. If you have the time there are some nice take-away's about half a mile walk further on from the finesh line.

  • So need to run with some money? What about jacket and clothing how does this work as i dont want to get to the end in my shorts and vest, it raining and then needing to walk to the bus and getting cold and stuff.

    Sorry I have only run in Manchester where i live so easy to get home etc. 

    Total novice at GNR.

  • John there is a bag drop same basic set up as manchester manathon. So just stick some cash in your bag and have it handy when you finesh. Obviously don't stick your wallet right at the top with a sign saying it's there but even if you did that I don't think it would be a issue. The bags drop is by the overpass at the start and will be very hard to miss, will all be taken by truck to the finesh line and given back to whoever wear's the number on the bag.

    Worth while having some warm clothes in the bag just in case the weather is bad. They will hand out GNR bag's plastic with a draw string, Very handy bags still got some from years again for every time I move house or something.

  • Last year was my first year but there were no bag trucks. There were just buses and you dropped your bag off on the bus wherever you fancied and remember on which seat you left it. but you find that others have moved things around, put their bags on top of yours, or it goes under the seat or gets moved back a few seats. I searched quite a while to find mine. So take a colourful bag you will easily be able to find. Bag drop off very much a DIY scramble.
  • Yeah that was the same when I did it. If you do a decent time it's easy to find your bag as it won't be too messed up on the bus.
  • image Sorry confusing races but same set up with the bus's.

  • ok thanks, i think i will perhaps take an OLD bag with some OLD clothes in it and £20. If I find it at the end great, if not then not the end of the world. 

    Thanks for the advice.

  • I've never had anything stolen. It is just really difficult to find your bag in amongst a bus load of 400 other blue/grey/black ones. You get a number label for it and the bloke at the door should not allow you off the bus unless the label matches your run number - but all the number labels on your bus are the same colour!

    The Australians have plastic coated notes so you can put a tenner in your shorts and it retains its value 13 miles later.
  • Look out for a woman about 8 miles in giving out hot sausage rolls. An angel.
  • and the Jarrow Brewery team, just after the Bupa Boost Station on the John Reid Road - glass of beer, far better than Powerade

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