A chilies Paratenonitis

I've got paratenonitis. It's come on this week after a 15 mile run and then a day shopping in London the following day has made it quite swollen.

I've been using the RICE treatment but I'm training for my first marathon at the beginning of October so I'm concerned that this is seriously going to impact my traininng.

How long is this likely to affect me for and is it OK to keep going with some shorter runs so I don't get behind too much. I cycle a bit as well so was thinking of putting some long rides in to compensate for the long runs.

Any advice greatly aappreciated.


  • How long will this affect you? It could be days, it could be months - there are a lot of factors influencing this. My advice, if you are planning on an October marathon, is to stop running now and compensate with activities that don't aggravate the Achilles.

    When things have improved a little by taking the load off the tendon the usual approach is to add in an eccentric strengthening program. This usually sorts things out but some some injuries are resistant to these methods.

    So back to how long, my wife had the condition after a 20 mile walk. She was recovered within about 10 days. My last run was April this year. Nothing has shifted the problem this time around.

  • I have temperamental achilles tendons and had a really bad bout a couple of years ago. At the time I'd had to stop running due to pain in the ball of the foot (thought it was sesamoiditis but turned out to be a cyst that had to be surgically removed). I'm a PE teacher and switched to zero drop shoes to keep the weight on my heels rather than on the balls of my feet. Achilles did not like.

    A friend (a top physio who sadly lives at the other end of the country from me) recommended eccentric training (heel drops on the edge of a step) and laser treatment so I did that and it helped. The main thing that cleared it up, though, was having to keep the weight completely off my foot post surgery for 5 days.

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