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Hi everyone. 

I'm just helping to set up a new running group in my home town, and we'd love to get some decent-looking group vests printed to wear while out on the road. 

Can anyone recommend a company that does design and printing at a decent price as we'd not be looking to sell them on for a profit?

So far I've only found companies offering print runs of 25 or more at £25 per vest!  We're obviously looking for only a few to be printed at a time, as our numbers grow. 

Many thanks. 


  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    Google club running vests and email a few companies for quotes. Most will be around £10 a vest (adults). Printing probably around £1-£1.50 (initial print cost will be higher £25-£30 for set up then £1-£1.50 for each vest after that). Minimum order will apply anywhere you go.

  • We've just reviewed our club kit supplier. We narrowed the short list to ron hill, fastrax and wasp. Went with Ron hill in the end. I don't have the details to hand but vests worked out at about ??17 each for a fairly small order.
  • Thanks for the replies everyone.    image

    Lou - I've been looking on the Ron Hill website, but am a bit confused by the whole sublimation / cut and sew thing!  Which did you use? 

    Also, did you have to provide your own artwork?


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