Running again after gap of 9 years - am I mad?

Took up running in 2003 aged 39 and got totally bitten by the bug. Was soon up to 50+ miles a week and several marathons including two at 3.52 (reckon I had a 3.30 in me as my best half was 1.35). All came crashing down in 2005 when I got ill and after 2 years got diagnosed with MS. Fortunately a relatively mild form but I hung up my running shoes as I couldn't cope with it at the time. Last weekend, now aged 50, inspired by watching the CWG marathon, I dug them out and ran round the block. 1 mile, about 12 minutes, thought I was going to die afterwards. Now been 4 times, same distance and it's definitely getting easier - well until I tripped up the kerb and face planted the pavement this morning! Don't necessarily want to run races again (well...) for now I just want to get up to doing 3-4 miles 4 times a week. Will persevere just gradually adding distance, but if anyone has a better idea I'd love to hear it.


  • No.

    PS remember you are coming to a running forum, so saying basically is running mad to a group of runners .... Doesn't really make sense image 

    Go careful usually 3 times a week is enough for a newbie for the first two or three months whilst building up image 

  • Oh look up "park runs" via google these are free runs hosted all over the country every saturday morning, a great free way of getting into running and getting timed. 

    They are 5k runs. 

  • where did he even get a brussel sprout from at this time of year?! image


  • KattCKattC ✭✭✭

    Good for him and I am surprised the sprout lasted al the way up Snowdon.image

  • Hello middleagedmum. image I am half like you, insofar as I am a middle aged mother taking running up after years (at least 25) an think I am being a bit barmy.  The other half is less like you....I was never good, never bitten by the running bug despite offering up my jugular, and never had a debilitating illness to cope with.

    Anyway, you made me smile with your face plant and I didn't even see it! How are you getting on? I hope you are doing nice to hear how your journey is going.

    PS I've been training for GNR from a standing start...still waiting for the damn bug to nibble my neck, so running 3 or 4 times week very reluctantly  but enjoying it a little mor recently as mu fatness/ fitness improves.  


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