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So been running for a while and got fitted for Brooks Rivvera 3 as I slightly needed the control. 
I have since been training myself to run more forefoot. Neutral / Chi running after attending a running biomacanics event. I bought some newton Energys which I love and feel they have helped me loads.
I few months ago I had a OP so am just getting my fitness back up. In the newtons I can do 5k no problem with good running form however when I go further I get tired and lazy and tend to start healstriking more when I get over the 8k mark. 
I'm upping my millage as I have the GNR im comfortable with the distance. But think if I do them in the Newtons my heals will be smashed by the end.
So im looking for something that will compliment my new style and wont damage the work I have done so far going to the newtons. But would like something that I could start putting in the miles with that isnt going to hurt while im still unfit and unable to hold the form. 

Thinking Nike Free 3 or 4 ?



  • I like you had a similar problem with the Newtons, you get tired and you start falling back. In my case causing crippling shin splints.

    What I would say is that there are hundreds of more minimal shoes out there that might work for you but depending on how strong you are you might not want to go completely minimalist at this stage.The transition can be quite damaging if not done properly as I have found out to my cost so my advice is to steer clear of the extremes to start with (e.g. vibrams)

    As for the Nike Frees, I have a little issue with them in as much as I don't really see how they fore fill what they are attempting to achieve. There is absolutely no support in them (especially the flyknit ones) and yet there is quite a lot of rubber between you and the ground - albeit this has been reduced in the most recent iteration.

    What this means is you can't feel enough of the floor to let your foot and leg engage all the muscles it requires to be able to cope with the stresses of running and yet it also doesn't provide the support needed when your feet can't adjust themselves.

    If you are very confident you might want to try the 3's or if you have the money the Hyperfeel. I have the Hyperfeel and they are excellent, but it has taken many many many miles and exercises to get my feet strong enough to cope with this set up.

    That said loads of people wear the frees, so maybe it's just me.

    Previously I ran in some of the Brooks pure range (Particularly the Cadence) and this seems to have allowed me to build more strength and get used to a more barefoot style of running.

    Good luck in your search. 

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