advice on which is best?

Hello, I haven't done any running proper since leaving the forces in 1992!! but I'm getting myself ready for a sneaky charity run next year, it's 24km over the Brecon gunna be starting on the roads till I get up to the distance and then I'll head for the hills. Please can someone recommend the best trainers, socks and just basically any advice I'll need to get some good training in and raise a load of cash for charity...thanks brett.


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    With kit it depends a lot on your preference. In terms of shoes I would go to a running shoe shop and buy the ones right for you!

    Same with socks. Some like a particular brand which might cost a lot and others love the running socks from Aldi when they are on special.
  • Ok thanks, I shop in Aldi but never look at the clothes just food!! Was going to nip to sports direct but I don't suppose the staff there really know what they are selling...
  • Just back from the sweatshop chorley, been on the running machine, videos and loads of technical stuff done, got sorted with some Nike running shoes and running socks, great shop and staff, well recommend a visit.
  • Brett, you left the army in 1992; just out of interest what were you issued to run in when you joined up?  I joined the army in 1986 and we were issued boots and black plimsols, which were knowns as our 'slaps' (from the sound they made on the tarmac as we ran).  

    I never had any problems then.  A bit later we were issued with Silver Shadows - green ones - and I used those for a long time.  Again no problems.

    I have a £40 rule where I don't run in running shoes that cost more than that.  Fairly recently Mrs Easy and myself ran the Gower Coastal Marathon and it was interesting to see people falling out along the way with feet problems wearing Inov8s and Salamons, when my £34 Addidas off-roaders were great.

    Good running form is what's important, in my experience, rather than over-engineered running shoes, which may actually cause problems, rather than solve them.

    I'm currently running in £15 Crivits from Lidls and I love them.  It's a shame I didn't get a bunch of them, but I will the next time they're in stock.

  • and slaps Lol, I think the Nike trainers will be ok, don't really want to concentrate on road running, it's just till I build some distance up, the main goal for me at 46yrs old is to enter and complete the Brecon Beakon 24k run for charity and for myself. In trail trainers 1st and then maybe load bearing in boots!! If I don't collapse first!!
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